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“The Engine That Still Can”

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“Train Buffs Bring Special Locomotive to Town” – St. Louis Disptach
September 9th, 2012

The volunteers who move the Nickel Plate Road No. 765 steam engine conduct a 400-ton symphony on rails. On Saturday morning, it was that whistle that alerted Kyle Timmerman, 21, of Pacific, that the 765 was approaching the Missouri River. He heard it before he saw the plume of white smoke on the horizon.

“Historic Train Stops in Attica; Steam Engine Gets Premier Service” – WLFI 18
September 5th, 2012

“Historic Steam Engine Rumbles Across Western Pennsylvania Rails” – TribLive
August 20th, 2012

“I said, ‘That’s not a diesel. That’s a locomotive coming,’ ” said Pettko, 41, of Mt. Lebanon. “That was something special.”

Taylor saw the black smoke and white steam of the No. 765 as it passed through Pittsburgh last week on its way to Harrisburg.

His wife tracked its progress through the website for the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Railroad Historical Society, which owns the mainline engine, to make sure the family did not miss its return.

The family last year visited the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton.

“But this had more novelty,” said Taylor. “It’s not every day that a steam engine passes through your neighborhood.”

“Steam Engine Chugs Through Galitzen” – Tribune Democrat
August 20th, 2012

Railroad enthusiasts lining the tracks included lots of elementary school-age boys and girls and even more older fellows who recalled the days when a steam train, especially through this area, was a way of life.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You may not ever see it again,” said Bob Freidhoff, a Vinco native now living in Pittsburgh.

“Steam Engine Passing through Altoona” – Altoona Mirror
August 18th, 2012

“Past to Make Whistle Stop as Steam Train Returns to Pittsburgh” – TribLive
August 16th, 2012

“It’s in first-class shape,” said Bruce Manwiller, 65, of Beaver Falls, a member of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, who chased the engine last week from Ohio to Altoona. “It’s always put on a good show. It’s always been a dependable machine.”

“Spectators Great Train on Trip Through Altoona” – Altoona Mirror
August 14th, 2012

“Chasing History” – Altoona Mirror
August 21st, 2012

Residents from all over had been peppering the newsroom with calls about when to expect the engine, which was “deadheading” to Pittsburgh after weekend excursions in Harrisburg. The interest was intense.

“Train Spotters Thrilled by Historic Steam Locomotive” – WHPTV 21 News
August 20th, 2012

“Dozens Gather to See Piece of Region’s Railroad History” – Toledo Blade
July 29th, 2012

Locals and out-of-towners from gathering along the tracks, many with cameras and video tripods, to watch and hear the steam engine and wave at its passengers as it proceeded on its journey.

For some, Saturday’s viewing was a chance encounter. Erin Steinhurst of Toledo happened to see the train while running errands in Maumee, and went to the Miami Street bridge to show her father the train because she “had never seen anything like it before.”

Trig Simon of Toledo saw Saturday’s crowd gathered on the bridge’s sidewalk and stopped after deciding there must be something worth seeing.

“It’s about the nostalgia and the history behind Toledo and its railroad heyday, and remembering what Toledo used to be as a railroad town,” Mr. Rude said.

Mr. Gorshoff said he thought the steam engine’s trip through Toledo would energize the city.

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” he said of hearing that the train would pass through Toledo. “I think it’s really going to give Toledo a shot in the arm — I think Toledo needs a lot of this.”

“Lima-built Steam Locomotive to Return to Area for Special Trips” – Toledo Blade
July 16th, 2012

“Steaming with Excitement” – Fostoria Review Times
July 17th, 2012

FRPS board member Ellen Gatrell said the occasion would boost the city’s rail tourism.

“It’s another reason to come by the tracks and watch trains,” Gatrell said. “When that steam train whistle goes off, you’re going to be able to hear it from all over.”



On the Verge of History

By News

Monday, August 13th saw the 765 cross world-famous Horseshoe Curve on the downhill run to Harrisburg. On Monday, August 20th, the 765 will make the dramatic climb up the Allegheny Mountains back to Conway Yard in Pittsburgh.

The trip is planned to commence at 6AM from Enola Yards in Harrisburg. You can track the engine and route online at: and get updates throughout the day at

Monday’s schedule includes a servicing stop at Altoona and crew change at Cresson. No estimates are available beyond the times listed here. There will also be no stop at the curve.

Society Releases New Book: Magnificent Machine

By News

We are proud to announce the release of our souvenir book: Magnificent Machine: The Official Illustrated History of Steam Locomotive no. 765. Available for pre-order at $25.00, this fully illustrated 92-page book covers the 765’s history from 1944 to 2012.

The Berkshire type steam locomotives of the Nickel Plate Railroad were among the best known and well liked of modern steam locomotives. Famous for speed, reliability, and economy of operation, they became the epitome of modern locomotive design. Since its construction in 1944, one of these locomotives has been on a path to become much more.

Throughout its preservation, rebuilding, and operation, steam locomotive no. 765 has become one of the world’s most famous time machines. Chronicled in stories and essays written and published throughout the locomotive’s public excursion and exhibition service, this book explores 40 years of preserving and making railroad history.

Download this excerpt and reserve your copy today.

Magnificent Machine.

Years of Progress, Miles of Celebration

By Events, News

Updated 8/20/12 – New dates for St. Louis deadhead

Updated! Track the 765 on its routes here!

On July 20th, steam locomotive no. 765 embarks on one of its busiest excursion season in recent history. July through September will see the 765 operating special passenger trains for Norfolk Southern’s 30th anniversary, hosting employees and their families across the northern routes of its system.

On each route, plans call for the 765 to carry a heritage whistle from the New York Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Norfolk & Western, and Wabash Railroads with each whistle representing the route or territory that became part of Norfolk Southern’s system. Additionally, the railroad’s Nickel Plate Road Heritage locomotive no. 8100, will accompany the 765 for most of the season, while Wabash Heritage locomotive no. 1070 will travel with the 765 to St. Louis.

We’ll be releasing more news and special items to celebrate our 40th anniversary starting with the 765’s complete 2012 schedule. Discover the 765 trackside in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois throughout the summer on the following dates below.

Please note that we cannot provide routing or times for deadhead moves as these are not scheduled and may change at any time.

Download the schedule.


July 20 – Fort Wayne, IN – Bellevue, OH (deadhead)

July 21 – Bellevue – Bucyrus, Ohio (3 trips)
July 22 – Bellevue – Bucyrus, Ohio (2 trips)

July 23 – Bellevue – Toledo (deadhead)

July 28 – Homestead Yard – Maumee (2 trips)
July 29 – Homestead Yard – Maumee (2 trips)

July 30 – Toledo – Portsmouth, Ohio (deadhead)
July 31 – Portsmouth, Ohio – Williamson, West Virginia (deadhead)

August 4th – Williamson, WV – Ought One (am) Naugatuck (pm) (3 trips)
August 5th – Williamson, WV – Ought One (am) Naugatuck (pm) (2 trips)

August 6th – Williamson – Columbus, Ohio (deadhead)
August 7th – Columbus, OH – Pittsburgh, PA (deadhead)

August 11th – Conway Yard – OC Bridge (2 trips)
August 12th – Conway Bridge – Homewood Junction (2 trips)

August 13th – Conway – Harrisburg (deadhead)

August 18th – Enola – CP Capitol (3 trips)
August 19th – Enola – CP Capitol (2 trips)

August 20th – Harrisburg, PA – Pittsburgh (deadhead)
August 21st – Pittsburgh, PA – Bellevue, OH (deadhead)
August 22nd – Bellevue – Fort Wayne, IN (deadhead)

September 5th – Fort Wayne, IN – Decatur, IL (deadhead)
September 6th – Decatur, IL – St. Louis (deadhead)

September 8th – Berkley, MO – St. Peters, MO (2 trips)
September 9th – Berkley, MO – St. Peters, MO (2 trips)

September 10th – St. Louis – Decatur, IL (deadhead)
September 11th – Decatur, Fort Wayne (deadhead)

September 29th, 30th – Open House, New Haven, IN

Help support railroad preservation by using this information safely and responsibly. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Return on July 9th, 10th, 13th and 16th for more exciting news from the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society and the 765.

Norfolk Southern Trips with NKP 765 Announced

By News


NORFOLK, VA – Norfolk Southern employees soon will enjoy opportunities to ride behind steam-powered excursion trains.

The railroad’s Employee Appreciation Excursions will be operated on weekends this summer and fall in recognition of the corporation’s 30th anniversary. Each of the railroad’s 11 divisions will host several excursions for employees and invited guests.

The tentative schedule for the 765 is:

July 21-22, Lake Division
(Bellevue, OH – Bucyrus, OH)

July 28-29, Dearborn Division
Toledo, OH Homestead yard – Airline yard)

Aug. 4-5, Pocahontas Division
(Williamson, WV – Naugatuck, WV)

Aug. 11-12, Pittsburgh Division
(Conway, PA – Homewood, PA)

Aug. 18-19, Harrisburg Division
(Enola yard, PA – CP Capitol, Harrisburg, PA)

Sept. 8-9, Illinois Division
(St. Louis, MO Luther yard – Robertson, MO)

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society are providing the steam locomotives, equipment, and services to make these excursions memorable, fun, and of course, safe.

Southern Railway 630 will be used for the trips on the southern part of the system. No. 630 was built in 1904 by the American Locomotive Company at Richmond, Va., and is one of the three locomotives that will be used in NS’ 21st Century Steam program over the next four years.

Nickel Plate Road 765 will be used for the trips on the northern part of the system. No. 765 was built in 1944 by the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio, and is familiar to many railroaders, having been in excursion service on and off since 1979.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society is also celebrating its 40th year. Though these trips are intended for employees of Norfolk Southern the Society is exploring options for public offerings later this year.