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The efforts of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society would not be possible without the donations and gifts we receive. At this time, the Society is in need of tools and materials for our shop to assist in our preservation activities.

Please contact us if you’re interested in contributing an item below. All donations and gifts are tax deductible.


These items will be used in our restoration work.

• Backhoe
• Skid loader
• Off road forklift
• Job Box
• Shop Vacuum (Contractor Grade)
• Extension Cords (Contractor Grade)
• Portable Work Lights
• Safety Equipment - Glasses, Ear Plugs, Dust Masks
• Cutting Wheels
• Wire Brushes
• Wheelbarrow (Contractor Grade)
• Push Brooms/Corn Brooms
• Pressure Washer
• Industrial grade drum fan
• Drill bits (up to 1/2")
• Air supply sand blast hood
• ¾ and larger Drill Motors
• Drill Bit Sharpener
• Circular Metal Cutting Bits
• ½ Square Socket
• Rolling toolboxes
• Collapsible/Stackable storage bins
• Combination Wrenches
• Hex (Pipe Type) Adjustable Wrenches
• Large Pipe Wrenches
• Any type of Ratchet Set
• Air Hoses-Industrial Type for Pneumatic Tools
• Torque Multipliers
• 50 Ton and Larger Hydraulic Jacks (can use 100 Ton)
• Jib Crane, Chain Hoists, Electric Hoists, Lifting Straps
• Wire Welder and Handpieces
• Welding Helmets, Welding Clamps, Oxy-Acetaline Torches, Hose Sets, and Tips
• Welding Shields (Canvas or Plastic)
• Pipe Threaders and Cutters
• Safety Harnesses
• Eye Wash Station
• First Aid Kits
• Come Alongs
• Heavy Duty Extension Cords and 3-Way Splitters
• Parts Bins
• Microfilm Reader/Printe


These items will be used in interpretative displays and operations.

• Historic railroad passenger cars
• Historic railroad freight cars
• Vintage automobiles