Engine Crew

Our engineers, firemen and servicing personnel spend thousands of hours bringing the Nickel Plate Road no. 765 to life each year

Train Crew

Our administrative staff and car attendants take our passengers back in time and help ensure each trip is better than the last

Shop Crew

Our shop forces are at work every weekend. While experience is great, we provide on the job training to preserve our heritage skills

Our volunteers support and take part in some of the most challenging railroad preservation in the Midwest, racking up thousands of hours each month preserving railroad and operating steam locomotive no. 765 through dozens of cities each year.

Volunteers range from 7 to 77 years old and our supporters are comprised of couples, families, railroad fans, retirees, railroad employees and more.

All Society volunteers must be current members in good standing.



• administrative staff and sales
• docents and car hosts
• conductors and brakemen
• locomotive and servicing crew


• wood working and upholstery
• machinist/part fabrication
• welding
• electrician
• sanding
• plumbing