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Historic steam locomotive excursions are remarkable and unique events. With over 40 years of railroad restoration, locomotive operation, and passenger excursion experience, we understand that the uncommon nature of these trips inspire many questions.

Take a moment to learn more about our operations below and review our disclaimers and notices. If your question still isn’t answered, contact us here.


We believe in passionately recreating the era when railroading was the preferred method of travel. This is a sensory experience – from the classes offered, food served in first class, and the locomotive pulling the train.

Regardless of your background or interest, riding aboard a historic train can be an exciting and memorable experience. You’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of new people, see towns, cities, and the countryside from a new perspective, and enjoy the sights and sounds of steam locomotive no. 765. We commonly hear that passengers “feel like rock stars” on our trains as hundreds of waves are exchanged between those aboard and people trackside.

Passengers can enjoy standard accommodations in coach and deluxe coach classes, or opt for a special experience aboard first class and dome passenger cars straight out of the 1940s and 50s. We believe in recreating the on-board experience from the era when railroading was the preferred method travel, and our car hosts can serve you drinks, snacks, and answer questions. Food service is generally only available in first class and dome car classes, and food and  refreshments are typically available in souvenir car, located in the middle of the train. Please check the details for your individual tickets and trips, as on-board food may not always be available.

Passengers and their ticket purchase directly support the continued maintenance, preservation, and operation of no. 765 and our vintage train sets.


When will the 765 be in my town?

Despite knowing plenty about railroad preservation, we admit its nearly impossible to always accurately predict when the 765 will pass through or arrive in your town. We ask you to please consult our desktop tracker and online map, Twitter feed, or download our dedicated GPS app for your iPhone and Android. Typically, the only scheduled trips we operate are passenger excursions with arrival and departure times. Positioning moves or deadhead moves rarely – if ever – operate on a schedule.

What should I wear?

We strongly encourage that passengers wear comfortable, closed toed walking shoes. Sandals, heels, or open toed shoes are generally prohibited.

Are there restrooms on your trains?

Nearly every car has its own restroom facility. In the event that a car does not have an operational restroom, the next car ahead or behind you will.

Is there food aboard your trains?

Light food and refreshments are often available in dome, lounge, or first class cars and we also offer food in the souvenir car. Policies and practices for on-board food service may vary with each excursion or trip, so we ask that you to consult the event details for more information.

Are your cars ADA compliant?

While we often make every effort to accommodate passengers with disabilities, due to the historic nature of these passenger cars, they are generally not handicap accessible. We sometimes have a limited number of seats available for passengers with limited mobility. Please contact us for more information before ordering tickets.

Will there be photo runbys?

Photo runbys often add another layer of logistics in an already complicated day and are less common in the interest of an expediency and safety. Injuries are most likely during the boarding and alighting process, and suitable footing and boarding locations are difficult to come by. We sometimes offer photo runbys during other operations throughout the year, most likely on regional or short line tourist railroads. Mainline trips with Norfolk Southern do not include photo runbys.

Are there photo runbys?

Open vestibules and open windows are uncommon, except for on regional or short line tourist railroads. Mainline trips with Norfolk Southern do not permit open vestibules or windows.

Are seats assigned?

No. Car hosts will make every attempt to seat parties together. Groups riding together are encouraged to purchase their tickets and board together. Your ticket may be assigned with a car name or number at the time of purchase or before travel.

Do you grant refunds?

Refunds are granted only in the event that waiting list exists for that ticket. Refunds are subject to a 10% service charge.





It is the policy of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc. that all of its members, employees, and contractors should exhibit respectful and civil behavior, observe all pertinent safety rules and look out for the safety and well-being of others and mind the well-being of tools, railroad equipment, and railroad property.

Membership and participation in the organization’s programs and operations is subject to the observance of the organization’s policies, the rules of host railroads and partners, and the Society’s own Code of Conduct. This Code applies to behavior both on and off Society property and on or away from Society-sponsored events, as well as behavior online and in social media. Any participant who violates the Code of Conduct is subject to review by the disciplinary committee. Members are expected to adhere to the following parameters:

Safety: Members should adhere to railroad and safety rules and procedures at all times and help the public know, understand, and follow rules when possible. Likewise, members should report unsafe activities or circumstances to see that they are corrected.

Respect: Members should respect one another, understanding that each brings different skills, backgrounds, experiences, abilities, interests, and talents to the table.

Stewardship: Members are expected to take care of tools, equipment, locomotives, cars and facilities. Additionally, members should follow all Society rules and policies as dictated by the board of directors.

Outreach: Members are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to teach or train others, and educate the public.

In cases where conduct is particularly egregious, the board-of-directors may dismiss members with a majority vote without review by the disciplinary committee. The FWRHS will not tolerate the following behavior:

• Abusive language towards another volunteer or member of the general public
• Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
• Discourtesy to participants, employees, partners, volunteers, or hosts
• Verbal, physical or visual harassment of another participant or member of the general public
• Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group
• Conduct endangering the life, safety, health, or well-being of others
• Bullying or taking unfair advantage of any participant


The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501c3 educational organization and these excursions are a major fund-raising activity for historic rail preservation projects. All FWRHS personnel you see are volunteers.

Please do not call the railroad companies or Amtrak regarding these excursions. Their offices, call centers and employees do not have information about these trips and cannot make reservations. FWRHS reserves the right to revise terms, conditions, disclaimers and notices at any time.

All schedules, timetables and event amenities and offerings may be altered by the FWRHS at any-time due to railroad logistics, late departures, mechanical substitutions or other unforeseen circumstances.


These operations take place at a working railroad facility. Please be mindful of your safety and the safety of your guests. Watch your step, be mindful of moving railroad equipment, uneven surfaces or bad footing, and pinch points for fingers, arms and limbs. Do not walk on the railhead and obey instructions from train crew at all times.

Your presence and participation indicates that you, as ticket holder, ticket purchaser, guest, passenger, crew, or vendor accept the limits of liability from inherent risks of all activities and operations. We reserve the right to substitute motive power or rolling stock as necessary.


Please wear sturdy, comfortable shoes – DO NOT wear flip-flops, sandals, open-toed or high-heel shoes. Vestibule dutch-doors are open only with the blessing of the host railroad and you should consult your event or ticketing information for more details. Boarding and detraining sites may well have uneven footing, large heavy gravel, unusually high steps- sometimes as much as 20-inches, and walking is required at all locations. Passengers with limited mobility need to be aware of these limitations, should expect such situations and should contact the Ticket Agent for advance planning and accommodations.

The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs on the train or railroad property is strictly prohibited. Small coolers and jugs for food and drink are welcome. Large coolers (usually with two handles) are prohibited due to space limitations. Trains to run rain or shine. No smoking on board the train.

765 is a coal-burning locomotive and often produces cinders that fly through the air and can be dangerous to the eyes. You must wear safety glasses if riding in an open vestibule during a trip or on a railroad that permits open vestibules.

FWRHS cannot guarantee the security of cameras and other personal property – you must keep track of your own belongings.


Seats are not assigned in our cars. Passengers who desire to sit together must make reservations at the same time and present themselves on the train together. Reservations will be made by car name or number but not individual seats.

Most of the passenger cars used on these trains were built in the 1940’s and 1950’s, decades before ADA handicap considerations were implemented on railroad passenger cars. These historic cars mostly have narrow hallways, narrow doorways, small restrooms and these can present many handicapped persons with insurmountable challenges. Cars used on excursions are historic in nature and may be subject to mechanical issues, which while possible are nevertheless uncommon.

Some of the first class cars have more than one type of seating arrangements within the car. Passengers may be asked to switch seats at midday in order for everyone to get a sampling of the accommodations within that class. A class of ticket refers to accommodations and services and is may not  be specific to a car.

If you are traveling in a wheelchair or other such device, you are responsible for providing any person(s) necessary to assist in loading, unloading or onboard mobility and they must have the proper ticket.

No merchandise vendors allowed on train unless specifically authorized by FWRHS in advance. Every effort will be made to operate trains as advertised but as these are special, one-time events, the FWRHS and the railroad companies cannot guarantee times and assume no consequential liability for inconvenience or expense caused by delays or cancellations. Do not book other transportation or make reservations that are time sensitive.


Our refund policy applies to all tickets and passed issued by the FWRHS for any FWRHS event including excursions and events at our facility. Refunds are subject to a 10% service charge and typically only issued if there is a wait list for that particular class of ticket. As the car or train nears a sold out status, persons who purchase an odd number of tickets are not guaranteed a window seat and will have to be seated with another passenger in order for us to utilize all seats. Sorry but railway employee passes cannot be honored.

FWRHS reserves the Right of Refusal to any passenger who refuses to obey safety rules or whose behavior has been or may be detrimental to other passengers and/or crew. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, refunds will issued less any ticketing fees.

A small percentage of tickets will be set-aside for FWRHS members. After members have been given an opportunity, the remaining tickets will be offered through the online ticket system approximately 30 days before the date of the excursions. Refunds will be issued only if there is a wait list for that particular class of ticket.


Please wear sturdy, comfortable shoes – do not wear flip-flops, sandals, open-toed or high-heel shoes. Cars are not ADA-compliant due to their historic nature, however most passengers with limited mobility can be accommodated with advance planning. Please contact us with questions.

Santa Trains run rain, snow or shine. No refunds due to inclement weather. Train rides may be subject to mechanical delays, which are nevertheless uncommon. Your ticket is redeemable for a trip with Santa and does not necessarily guarantee a trip on a moving train, but does guarantee a visit with Santa aboard a train if the train is momentarily out-of-service due to mechanical delays.


By entering FWRHS property or participating in FWRHS events, operations and excursions and by your presence here, you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. Your entry constitutes your consent to such photography, filming and/or recording and to any use, in any and all media throughout the universe in perpetuity, of your appearance, voice and name for any purpose whatsoever in connection with the FWRHS. You understand that all photography, filming and/or recording will be done in reliance on this consent given by you by entering this area.

Your support and participation are greatly appreciated.


By entering FWRHS property or participating in FWRHS events, operations and excursions and by your presence here, you and your guests agree to hold FWRHS harmless in the event of sickness (including COVID-19), physical risk or damage. You assume all related liability for accidents, negligence, combined negligence, and omissions.