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765 Update – 1/23/2023

By January 30, 2023Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


We had another productive week.

  • The blower rod was hooked up in a fashion I hope will prevent a disconnect in the future. Dave Green and I applied some parts machined by Dave.  Due to one of the blower rod ends being a bit too far in one of the universal fittings it has a slight hitch to it’s get along but I don’t believe this will be a operational issue while taking the joint apart and moving the rod a bit would cause a lot of trouble.
  • The track washer valve and plumbing is back in place. Thanks to Dave for machining several parts for this improvement as well.   Still needed is a restriction in the piping.  I am considering a strainer in this steam line to reduce the amount of mineral scale that accumulates in it.
  •  All the driver axle plugs have been safety wired to prevent any chance of them coming loose in operation.
  • Thanks to Mark and Sarah the stoker trough is cleaned out making the separation of the engine and tender for the drawbar inspection easier.  Sarah also disconnected all the water and electrical lines connecting the two.
  • The oil divider on the trailing truck whose bracket was broken was removed and the bracket is ready to weld back on.  Welder problems prevented the completion of this repair.
  • During the inspection process Sarah noted that the ash pan door was cracked at the operating lever connection.  This will need to be repaired as well.


  • Remove the ash pan door and reweld the connection to the dump lever.
  • Cut in a strainer and restriction in the track washer line (waiting on parts)
  • Lubricate and tighten the buffer compression spring then tighten it down and drop the pins so the drawbars can be removed and inspected,
  • Remove the steam dome cover and the steam dome in order to provide access to the dry pipe so we can install a blanking plate to keep hydrostatic water out of the super heaters.
  • Replace the steam dome cover.
  • Finish repairs to the firebox door (waiting on parts}

Other projects are likely to come up and some of the work listed above has to wait until parts arrive.


The unexpected meeting between workers can result in deadly consequences. Blind spots are one of the major causes for this unexpected meeting to take place. They include corners, doorways that open out to an aisle and other areas with limited visibility for both pedestrian and forklift operator.

It is important that forklift operators utilize their horn and take it slow when operating in these areas. It is also important that pedestrians are aware of the traffic in these areas and look before they leap. Each year there are fatalities caused by pedestrian/forklift collisions.

It is important to take a moment when in these blind spots. Be aware of the traffic and don’t go out into the aisle or blind corner without first stopping and looking both ways to ensure the path is clear.

In most cases pedestrians, including visitors to our Shop may be focused on something other than their travel and simply dart out in front of the forklift. Take the time . . . failure to do so can adversely impact someone’s life.