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765 Update – 12/12/2022

By December 13, 2022December 30th, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Work on the 765 has been minimal over the last few weeks due to the Santa Train event.  Some projects such as reach rod maintenance has been moved forward a bit.


Expect a much heavier schedule of work to take place after next weekend.  It is essential to get the annual inspections and any repairs that may be found done by early April.  As there are several other projects on-going, volunteers will be in short supply, so I am open to anyone who has some time on weekends or during the week to trying to accommodate your schedule.  Just let me know when you can be out, and I will meet you or arrange to have projects for you.  Reply to this email – better yet call 574-242-1955 or email my Society email address


All indications are that winter weather has arrived and along with that potential adverse driving conditions. Driving always requires all the care and caution possible any time of year. But winter driving has even greater challenges because of wet and icy road surfaces, longer hours of darkness and poor visibility because of snow, rain and fog.

Allow enough time to get to your destination. Rushing in difficult driving conditions can lead to an accident. Turn your radio on to listen to the road reports and current weather forecast. Leave earlier and allow plenty of time to get to your destination. Always buckle up your seat belt before you start driving.

Clean your windows and headlights frequently. Keep your windshield washer fluid topped up. Good visibility is essential to safe driving. Clean your windows and headlights of ice or snow before starting out and repeat frequently throughout your trip.

Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. Adjust that distance based upon the potentially changing road conditions.

Sometimes the best decision is to avoid driving when the conditions are adverse if that option is available.