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765 Update – 8/8/2022

By August 9, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Not a major week for activity.  The tender and engine are disconnected other than the drawbar pin which is going to require some muscle to compress the buffer spring a bit more.  This does not mean that it is unnecessary to double check everything.  Sarah and I spent some quality time stuffing soft grease tubes.  Much fun and plenty more to do.  Be glad to give instructions on how to do it.

Zach has asked me to let everyone know that he is inviting folks with special skills to assist with the tender wheel replacement.  If you have not heard from him don’t show up and complicate the process. Other work is available to accomplish if you are going to be at the shop.


This week we will be transferring water from the tank to the engine, getting rid of ash, washing and dumping the ash pan and firebox.  Much of this will be done during the week.  If you are available and wish to help let me know.


In this summer’s weather and other hot, humid working conditions, drinking enough water is vital to preventing heat illness. The most serious illness, heat stroke, can be fatal. It occurs when the body’s cooling system fails because of moisture and minerals lost to sweating. To prevent heat illness under hot work conditions

  • Wear clothing that allows air circulation
  • If possible, try to stay out of the sun
  • Take breaks when you can and drink water frequently.

Don’t drink a large quantity of water at once, just keep on sipping. Drinking enough water helps keep the body’s digestive and elimination systems working properly. What is enough water? Eight glasses (eight fluid ounces or about .25 of a liter each, a typical personal bottled water container is about 16 fluid ounces) is probably as good a starting point as any. Drinking other non- caffeinated non-alcoholic beverages, such as sports drinks, and eating waterlogged produce such as lettuce also supplies some of your water requirements. Then adjust your water intake for what seems right for you.

Clear urine, not deeply yellow in color, a regular digestive system and supple skin are signs of adequate fluid intake. Headache can be a sign of dehydration, so try drinking water before you pop a pill.

Now, about your personal water bottle. Maybe you should have two so one can go in the dishwasher every so often. Try not to handle the bottle top unless your hands are clean.

Plenty of clean water in bottles are available in the tool car.  It is not cold but it is wet. So, enjoy drinking your fill for good health.