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Project Updates – 7/22/22

By July 22, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Tom Nitza

This week Dave worked on the end of the hood for the rear engine. The
angle iron that frames the corners of the hood also double as a mounting
point for the shutter assembly. The attached photo shows the angle iron
being fitted in place prior to welding. By the end of the day the steel
was welded in place and coated with primer. Measurements were taken for
the two corner pieces which are 1/8 inch thick steel bent into an “L”
shape. Those should be available for our work session next week.The cab doors received wood paneling on the portion below the window on
the inside of the door. Both doors were also completely stripped of
paint. We did test fit both doors and made adjustments to get them to
close properly. The one on the fireman’s side required grinding of the
threshold and some small sledge hammer adjustment of the steel opening
in the cab.

Inside the cab angle iron brackets were welded below the window on the
engineer’s side. These will be used to attach the wooden stringers that
the paneling will attach to. (see photo)

We now have a plan on how to mount the cab heater so we’ll begin
fabricating several brackets.

There are at least a dozen holes (not rust through) on the engineer’s
side of the cab that apparently had a purpose at one time. These will be
welded up.

We took out two more broken windows. That leaves one window intact on
the engineer’s side so we’ll probably remove it so that we can install a
new gasket. All of the window openings will be cleaned and painted prior
to re-installation of the glass. Several have rust-through areas so
we’ll have to cut out a section of steel and weld in new material.

Tom, Dave, Carl, and Rich