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765 Update – 7/17/2022

By July 20, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Work at Casad is ongoing on the 358 and 25.  Jerrad Bennett is masterminding the 358 work and Tom Nitza oversees work on the 25.  Contact them for work sessions and timing.

Saturday a small crew put a tarp over the coal bunker to keep rain out and reduce the effects of acid coal runoff on the tender coal bunker walls.  Brody spent some time working on the injector.  We opened the water delivery side and were able to inspect the water inlet.  The valve appears to be working correctly so our problem is a bit deeper in the device.


The 765 has ongoing work at the INE shops to get it ready for trips later next month. I plan to be up Tuesday late morning and if needed Wednesday and Thursday.  I have been looking for the tool needed to remove the combining tubes in the injector so they can be inspected for defects.  I believe I have one that I will try out Monday and or Tuesday afternoon.  Anyone that wants to help let me know and I can supply more detail on my schedule.

Passenger car work is scheduled for Saturday.  Contact Andrew Hershman for additional information on the schedule.


Driving with Sun Glare…

This time of year, brings a lot of sun all day long. Just after sunrise and before sunset the sun can shine directly into drivers’ eyes, making it harder to see the road ahead and any potential hazards. When you encounter sun glare, slow down and use extra caution. AAA offers the following tips when driving with sun glare.

o    Leave more following room between you and the care ahead because when the sun is in your eyes it can be hard to see what’s ahead

o    Drive with your headlights on to increase visibility to other drivers

o    Keep your windshield clean, inside and out

o    Utilize your sun visor to block out the sun

o    Check windshield for pitting and cracks

o    Avoid storing papers or other items on dashboard

Invest in polarized sunglasses which reduce glare