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765 Update – 7/14/2022

By July 13, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Work on the 25 started with Tom, Dave and John making some progress with removing rusty doors and cowling and beginning to effect some repairs.  Most of the other projects that were in the shop have migrated to Angola along with the 765.  The 765 ran several trips over the last two weeks, all of which went off as planned. The only major issue was at the end of the day the injector quit working. Fortunately, it waited until the end of the day to break, and the engine was shut down at the INE shop without incident.


I intend to work on getting a cover over the coal bunker over the next week or so.  I also will take a look at the injector to see what has happened there.  I expect it is a matter of some part coming loose and will not be a big issue to fix but you never know until you look.

I believe some work will be going on the 358 this week and Tom and crew intend to keep working on the 25 at the Casad shop.  Most of the work will be taking place during the week.  Not sure about the weekend schedule just yet.


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