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The Emery Update – 6/10/2022

By June 8, 2022June 10th, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Andrew Hershman & Matt Lee

Progress Report for the work week ending June 5th


Work continued to progress as the conduit was run for both the bar countertop and both ends of the car to supply 110v. While much of the groundwork is done, much is yet to be finished terminating ends and finishing these circuits.

Short list of electrical Worklist:

110V control panel to be installed

Interior roof lighting

Terminate circuits

Possible wheelchair lift power supply


Painting / Exterior

Jerrad Bennett is close to painting the interior of the car. With paint on the way for both the running gear and the interior we look to have some of that completed this week. We are planning to paint the interior ceiling and walls with a primer with a gray topcoat and the underbody black. The car body will remain a polished stainless steel with a simple set of lettering applied for 2022.


Shortlist of painting work scope:

Powerwash / soda blast underbody for paint prep.

Finish wire wheeling any last known defects in interior before painting begins.

Straighten steps and stirrups and remove aluminum back kick panels .

Comb over interior for defects and remaining grease and paint to remove and prep.

Powerwash / soda blast exterior car ends.

Clean and repaint roof vents

Polish out stainless Steel.

Rivet remaining 7 stainless patches over door opening section 11″ off threshold. See the B end left doorway as an example for location and finish. Purpose is to cover the mild steel corruption where Amtrak had              brackets welded onto the car.


The C channel installation is complete. Our last task is to have the center sill frame painted which is exposed on top. This was heavily rusted when we opened the floor up and any old paint could be used to give it a barrier before it is covered up again.

The wood flooring has arrived! Momper Insulation is going to confirm a day this week to get the insulation in the subfloor someday later this week. I will update when I get a positive confirmation on this. As soon as that has been completed we can begin installing the wood floor. The floor can start to go in after the foam is complete later this week or this weekend. I have spoken to Rich Wolfgang and Matt Lee who are possibly overseeing the installation over the weekend in the event I am not available.




I should have these in this week for the final powder coat. A set of Stainless brackets need to be fabricated before the gates can be installed.



I have stainless sheet for door skins out for a quote. Windows are secured thanks to WD Miller and I have a complete set of plans for a weldment. Should be constructed and ready to install before the deadhead north. Door thresholds are out being straightened. This is a bit of a complicated part of the renovation and a very important part as well for the ability to manage rainwater.

Bar / Counter

Rich Wolfgang has made significant progress on fabricating a bar at his home. When finished it will be brought down in two subsections to be installed once the floor is in.


If you have purchased any significant items for the project please let me know the item and the amount if on account or send me a copy or picture of the receipt. Just to keep me up to date on my numbers for the project budget.

See you this week!