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765 Update – 6/11/2022

By June 14, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Most work is being done on the Emery and Diner but some progress has been made on the 765.  All but a few details have been completed on the 31-day inspection.  The grate issues have been addressed with pins and cotters renewed on the left and right rear grate sections.  The others were inspected and deemed serviceable.  The individual grates were inspected and replaced in the firebox.   The tank is drained.  The next step is removing and permanently fixing the water level indicator reach rod. is proceeding.  John Jaress reworked some of the linkage to the blower valve. Jeff and Austin Rayner cleaned grease off the rods, jacket, air tanks and piping.


The blower reach rod should be finished up this coming week. Work on permanently fixing the tender water indicator will continue. Cleaning and inspecting continues on the engine, plan on joining in on the fun.


Two of the most intricately designed instruments that we work with each day are our hands. We probably couldn’t use any other device that could take the beatings our hands take and still continue to perform precision maneuvers that are expected.

Like most things of marvel, we have come to take our hands for granted, except when we get our finger pinched in a door or touch something very hot, or perhaps receive a minor or major cut or scrape. Then we remember that our hands are present and that they are sensitive. Unfortunately, we forget this experience and start taking them for granted again.

A good thing to always keep in mind is that your hands are fearless. They’ll go anyplace they’re sent, and they’ll act only as wisely, or foolishly, as the person to which they belong.

In all cases protect your hands by wearing the proper gloves and use safety sense before performing a task. Remember that wearing proper PPE still does not make your and your hands immortal.