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The Emery Update – 5/26/2022

By May 26, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Andrew Hershman & Matt Lee

A good amount of activity is taking place at the shops on Edgerton Road!

…And a good amount of that is taking place on our open air car project which is not only open to the passing scenery, but your involvement as well!

Progress Report:


Joe Knapke with Glenn Shelbourne are both tackling the electrical effort now well underway to provide suitable 110v service to the car’s lighting and accessory outlets. Transformers have been fitted to the former battery boxes and conduit is being ran back to the locker inside.

Short list of electrical Worklist:

            Conduit ran underneath

            Breakers fitted for 110v service

            Interior roof lighting

            Accessory circuit ran to the bar/counter area.

            Possible accessory outlet circuit ran to each end of the interior

If you would like to get involved with the electrical effort, let me know or contact Joe and Glenn.


Jerrad Bennett is leading the effort to painting the car’s interior and underbody. Paint reps have been in contact for recommendation products for both paints and finishing polishes for the car’s stainless steel body. We are planning to paint the interior ceiling and walls a light gray, underbody black and keep the car body a clean polished stainless steel with a simple set of lettering applied for 2022.

Shortlist of painting work scope:

            Powerwash / soda blast underbody for paint prep.

            Straighten steps and stirrups.

            Comb over interior for defects and remaining grease and paint to remove and prep.

            Weld in ½”x ½” angle for upper trim for lower wall panels to be installed after painting and the floor goes in.

            Powerwash / soda blast exterior car ends.

            Clean and repaint roof vents

            Finish removing Amtrak vinyl

            Polish out stainless Steel.


The C channel installation is complete and there is only a little remaining welding to be done. The A end frame over the bolster needs to have the precut scrap angle pieces welded in to serve as the shelf for the bottom spark pans. Wood should be in for delivery May 31st. Floor installation is pending help from a local boyscout troop as well. We have decided to forgo spray foaming the entire floor and electing to spray foam cracks to seal out moisture and using a batting fiberglass or foam insulation to better dampen sound and save a considerable amount of money.

Shortlist of floor workscope:

            Weld in A end angle over bolster area. See finished work for reference.

            Great stuff open holes in floor

            Paint C channel and all exposed frame and mild steel surfaces

            The car can use a very thorough cleaning


Mostly done. Waiting on society logos to be laser cut. I will have them welded on and back to KDI in Kendallville where they graciously agreed to powdercoat them a silver/light gray.


I have stainless sheet for door skins out for a quote. Windows are secured thanks to WD Miller and I have a complete set of plans for a weldment. Should be constructed and ready to install before the deadhead north. Door thresholds are out being straightened. This is a bit of a complicated part of the renovation and a very important part as well for the ability to manage rainwater.

I am out of town this weekend, but am available to talk, text or email if you have any questions. I may possibly be down on Memorial Day. Thank you all for your continued effort and help. It is going a very long way!