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765 Update 5/8/2022

By May 9, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


This week the 765 successfully completed the steam test with the pop valves set to relieve excess pressure in the boiler and the air pumps tested to see that they would produce the required volume of air.  Jerrad continued to work to put a shine on the engine and the 701.  The results are quite extraordinary garnering many compliments on the appearance of the locomotive. Quite a lot of time has been spent on gathering tools and equipment that might be needed at CVSR.

Over the weekend the engine was serviced and on Sunday we turned the engine to head east.


The next two weekends we will be running trips at CVSR.  For those around Fort Wayne work will be on going on the open air “Emery” car and the 358, possibly the diner.  These are all important projects that need a variety of help to complete.


Water, oil or grease spills can cause slippery conditions. Action must be taken to prevent slipping hazards on equipment and in any area we are working.  .

  • Significant puddles of water should be boomed or squeegeed to a suitable drain area or a wet/dry vacuum utilized to remove such slip hazards
  • Oil spills should be removed by utilizing a commercial oil absorbent, commonly known a cat litter, sop pad or sand
  • Grease can be removed with rags and solvents followed by oil absorbents or a sop pad to remove any remaining grease.
  • Precautions should be taken prior to commencing work activities which may cause a fluid to be released.  Pails, or like containers, sop pads or other absorbent material should be placed in the affected area prior to commencing work. The work area includes the pit where spills should be prevented and, if incurred, removed in an expedient time frame.

Let’s all take necessary action to prevent spills and remove those that do happen in an expedient time frame. This approach will go a long way in preventing slips and falls. It will also provide a more enjoyable work area atmosphere.