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The Emery Update – 4/8/2022

By April 8, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Andrew Hershman & Matt Lee

It was decided this week that the Emery Rail Heritage Trust would like to exercise the ability to name the open-air car 3671 after John H Emery in recognition of his works and the support for rail preservation projects like this very one we are doing. There will be a plaque placed inside and the name applied to the car in the near future when finished.

If you are available and would like to help sandblast the interior, Jim Donahue is doing some sandblasting work this Friday, April 8th. Contact him directly for times to meet for this work at As of now, about a third of the interior roof has been blasted.
For the weekend, a list to focus on:
  • Interior wall and ceiling patchwork. (3 on the ceiling and a couple on the walls. This is to cover the cut square holes to determine if the car had contained asbestos before the Amtrak disposition. Measure the opening and cut new patches an inch or two larger to be pop-riveted to close the opening. Be sure to square up the patch, and drill evenly. This will be visible even after the car is painted. The patch can be mild steel for the interior. Welding the cut sheet back in could be accomplished, but it is much more tedious and risks burning up insulation and warping the interior wall sheet.
  • Fab work to secure the floor pans back down. Bowl bolster sills have rusted out leaving gaping holes in the subfloor on both ends. End walls around the subfloor need patchwork with some cleaning and vacuum work yet to do (after sandblasting). The 480V stick welder will reach the car on the west end. Many of the loose pans were welded this weekend making a safer floor to walk. Still, many more to go.
  • If it is a pleasant enough day the steam cleaner can be used to strip the underframe and truck assemblies. Watch for hidden dirt all in the shelves and crannies of the frame. Try a little bit of the stainless with the old Amtrak vinyl as well. I believe the pressure and heat will help “lift” the vinyl up without damage. Not sure how much heat the outer car body will take without wanting to warp. Be mindful and observant.
I should be there Saturday morning and will see you there!