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The Emery Update – 4/22/2022

By April 22, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Andrew Hershman & Matt Lee

Don’t look for The Emery to be perched in the normal spot this week as it was moved to the east side of the shop next to The Silver Diner where we can continue working on and qualifying the electrical systems on both cars.


Jim Donahue, Bill Martz, Steve Winicker and Jereminy all were able to sandblast the entire interior of the car. A much appreciated job done! Glenn Shelburne followed with taking care of the debris left behind. This marks a significant milepost on the road to restoration as now we can put the demolition phase behind while we work toward rebuilding the car. The flooring material has been ordered and the largest ticket item for the project has been secured. We are definitely well on the way to turning the corner to finishing the project, but most definitely need your help to finish before Emery goes live in late June!


Worklist items this week:

  • Begin prepwork to interior in preparation for primer and paint.
  • Square patched to be made and riveted over access holes made to check for asbestos before the Amtrak disposition.
  • Floor pans (spark deflectors) continue to be reattached.
  • Start welding in the new subfloor structure C Channel. 
  • Electrical cabinet cleaning, repair, installation for new 110v circuits.
  • Emergency batteries can now be removed from lockers under the carbody.
  • Pressure wash running gear and subframe. There will be a significant amount of debris underneath from the sandblast media that made it through the spark shield floor.

Matt Lee and myself will be planning on working Friday through the weekend. There is a large-scale work blitz in talks for the week of June 2-5. Please keep those dates in mind and look for more information to come out soon.

If anyone is interested in leading an effort to tackle the outside list of projects needed to ready the car as the weather improves let me know and I can get you started in that direction.