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765 Update – 4/27/202

By April 27, 2022Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Monday and Tuesday were spent in doing the Hydrostatic test of the boiler and the Interior inspection that follows.  The hydrostatic test requires the boiler to be full of water and then pressurized to 25% over the listed maximum operating pressure. Following this all the staybolts are hammered while there is normal pressure on the boiler to determine if any are broken. Following that an interior inspection requires going into the boiler and inspecting the longitudinal braces to be sure they remain fully attached to the boiler shell and the door and front flue sheets.


All this was done, and the engine passed all these inspections. Once the hydrostatic test was done the tell-tale holes inside the firebox were capped with cement to keep debris out of them. Saturday, the boiler was washed, the syphon rattler was run up the bottom of the syphons to knock off any deposited scale as well as the arch tubes being run through with a turbine for the same purpose.  Once that was done the washout plugs were put back in and the brick arch put back into the firebox.



Water and water treatment chemicals need to go into the engine this week.  Otherwise, the engine is ready for the steam test May 6.  The engine needs some washing and polishing in the meantime.  Other projects are coming along and in need of helpers. The rubber roofing may get started going on the box car this Friday,  the Emery is going back together and needs helpers as well. Work is needed on the diner.  Contact Bill Otter for a schedule on that project.



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