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358 Update – 3/11/2022

By March 11, 2022Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

For those who are available this weekend, we’ll be holding a work blitz weekend.  There’s a list below of things that need to be done, not that we will get it all done, but there’ll be something for everyone.  Wiring, welding, wrenching of all sorts.  The plan is for me to be there Friday (11th) 8am to at least 6pm, Saturday  (12) 8am until whenever, and Sunday (13) 12p to 5p.
If you plan to be there any or all days, please let me know what you want to work on.
Likely will order food in on Saturday for those working in the shop, 358 / 765 / 451 (caboose) / Diner / Open Air Car.
Look forward to seeing you all!
2.13 Install the corner protection in areas where cable / wire rubs over a corner/edge.
2.25 Wind Deflectors Mirrors
2.30 Weld drip rail onto cab, FM side.
2.32 Knuckle Box Lid
2.34 Pull brake pistons, check, clean, repair – reinstall
2.40 Remove the radiator shutter guards and strip paint off of them. Fix broken bolts
2.44 Engineer/Fireman side water fill/vent down pipe in sillbox before exit, leaks – replace and install 1/4 turn spring return to close.
2.45 Radiator pipe bushings
2.47 Radiator pipe unions / top of air compressor water fittings (seeps)
2.48 Change Oil Filters
2.50 Weld on security straps around bell
2.50 HAND BRAKE- Needs a new chain applied
– Cleaned and Tested to ensure the internals are properly functioning and rebuild it if not
– Cotter key is not sufficient on the pin.
2.73 Check and PM shutters and actuators.
2.74 Install Valve on FM side of environmental tank
3.38 Wrap up the contactor panel.
3.39 Megger all circuits.
3.43 – High Voltage connections.
3.44 – All segments running from the 50 boards to the 30 boards need to be verified as true.
3.45 Throttle B, C and D do not transmit from the control stand to the 30 boards.
3.46 All throttle signals need to be verified as continuous to the governor plug. We established that A works all the way through but the balance do not.
3.47 – Negative link to the ER, FPCR is untrue and needs verified.
3.48 – FPCR does NOT latch. This is a self-latching circuit relay logic relay that does not latch. Verify.
3.49 – Verify the air dryer is linked to the Compressor Control Circuit.
3.50 – Alternator Control circuit breaker needs to be verified that it matches the minimum rating.
3.51 – Aux Gen Pos and Neg need to be rung out. Swapping terminals fixed the issue as they were wired incorrectly.
3.52 Air compressor does not cycle. The Magnet Valve leading to it may be defective and need replaced, vents air constantly. I suggest swapping with the shutter mag valve and trying.
3.53 Shutter Logic is not correct.
3.54 – Fan Contactor Positive Power needs to be fed from 1-2-3’s positive terminal through diodes to the MV-SH positive coil since your Fan Contactors do not have interlock circuits.
The goal is that if 1, 2 or 3 are alive that the shutters are open. Going further, ETS-Emergency should also diode and open the shutters AND turn all fans on.
3.55 ETS circuit needs to be rung out. Hot-Engine light did not illuminate.
3.56 LOS – did not illuminate light in cab.
3.57 Mount and wire in Digital Transition Unit
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690‬