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765 Update – 1/3/2022

By January 6, 2022Members Only

Updated by Steve Winicker.


Time has been spent mostly on the Santa Train and some shop organization work. This continues as time permits. Thanks to Jake Longenecker we have some new pallet racks, rolling ladders, pallet jacks and other equipment. DJ and Rob installed the new cab curtain on the 765 as well. I am waiting on parts for the Grove crane. When they come in we will need to get them installed and get the equipment back in the mix. Jerrad has done some prep work in putting together the FWD crane which we need for several projects as well.


It has been a while since I sent out an update due to time spent running the Santa Trains and a lack of interest over the holidays. January 8th is a planning meeting so not much is likely to happen next Saturday, but I do plan to be out some during the week this week – not Thursday – and probably much of next week. Let me know if you are available for fun during that time and I will attempt to accommodate your schedule. Sunday afternoon the 9th and Friday and Saturday 14th and 15th will be likely to be the main days to get started on our annual inspection of the 765. Some projects that need to be accomplished include but are not limited to:

Test all air and steam gauges
· Renew tubular water glasses
· Interior inspection of the tender tank
· Test thickness of arch tubes (fire brick has been removed but cleaning of the firebox is still needed.)
· Test all staybolts (incudes drilling tell tales)
· Inspect the smoke box (clean out ash)
· Remove and inspect the tender drawbars
· Hydrostatic test of boiler (around April)
· Inspection and removal of all washout plugs
· Interior inspection of the boiler
Other items are needed including some small repairs

Cleaning and inspecting the smoke box and firebox are first on the list followed by staybolt telltale drilling.


With the new year there are more health challenges on the horizon. With the hospitals full of COVID victims now and the more infectious Omicron variant on the doorstep it is more important than ever that you forgo the pleasure of cleaning the firebox and smoke box if you are sick or have been exposed to COVID. While we will miss you greatly, it is important to make as much effort as possible to avoid coming down with or spreading infections.