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765 Update – 11/29/2021

By December 1, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Last week and weekend were devoted to the Santa Train preparation and taking care of the many customers that came to ride. I heard many positive comments on the train. Thanks to all who came out to help. No mechanical issues were noted for the weekend. Hopefully that will continue through the next 3 weekends when Santa will show up at my house with a big bag of coal.


Basically, more of the same. If I can remember the great ideas, I had over the weekend I will act on them. I did hear from the folks that were sending a manual for the Grove Crane. It should be on the way and possibly I will have the information by the end of the week.


COVID is rearing its ugly head again. Avoid crowds and gatherings when possible. Consider wearing a mask when indoors with others and social distancing is hard to maintain. Vaccines are highly recommended and boosters if you already have been vaccinated. The vaccines are highly effective at preventing and reducing the symptoms of the disease. My experience is they are available at no cost and take little time if you make arrangements in advance. If you need a stylish mask to wear to your favorite grocery store or event the Society has some for sale at the Santa Train souvenir sales counter.