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765 Update -11/3/2021

By November 3, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Some weeks are best forgotten last week was one.  Basically, all was in place to get the hopper unloaded and back on its way to NS.  We had the crew we had the weather, but the crane issues cropped back up with the machine refusing to put out enough power to raise and lower the winch line.  On the chance that some gunk was stirred up in the tank and the filter was once again plugged we changed that out and the crane started right up but died seconds later. Repeated attempts to get it to run were not successful.  We also changed out the fuel pump which made no difference to the running ability.  Having surpassed the expertise of the on-site crew we gave up on unloading coal, with better than half a day expended and exactly one barrel of coal removed from the hopper.


Looking for other projects to move forward we decided to top off the driver bearing boxes.  A quick look into the pit indicated about 8 inches of water on the bottom.  Efforts to get the sump pump to run were somewhat effective but the water level in the pit only went down a bit.  Despite that, Brody went in and was able to wade in the water to fill up the boxes with Brian cranking the oil pump in the drum. The boxes were topped off and resealed.


Meanwhile Bill M. and I spent some time clearing out the pallet racks where the chemical and oil supplies are stored, and those items were put away with the help of Brian and Brody.



I will be looking for someone with Diesel Engine skills to look at the crane and see if we can get to the root of the engine issue.  Possibly will check with the neighbors and see if they can make a house call and avoid figuring out how to get the crane down the road.  If successful we will try unloading the car again next week.  Whether we can do that or not we can dump the ash out of the engine and begin cleaning out the firebox.



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