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765 Update – 11/22/2021

By November 25, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


I about forgot to send this out.  All the activity this past week was devoted to getting the shop ready for the Santa Caboose and that will likely continue through most of December.  Sarah looked at the braking problem on the Wabash caboose and found a pin missing that holds up one end of the brake beam.  John Jaress quickly made a pin for it.  I hoped to get it case hardened this week but with Thanksgiving the heat treat schedule would not allow for that so I installed the pin as is and we can remove it and heat treat it when time permits.  Andy and I moved things around a bit to get the 1231 up to the building. We found it would not start so moved it up to the building with the 25. Its on the block heater now and should be ready to start once we work out the electrical issue.  Sarah and I also worked on getting the steps up to the 765 for cab tours and rehabbed them somewhat.  Rich W. brother a mechanic with some familiarity of working on diesel engines in tractors and industrial equipment came a looked at the crane.  His opinion is the problem is likely in the high-pressure fuel pump which may need to be rebuilt.


The weekend starts the Santa Caboose fun.  Before that we need to get the 1231 running and a caboose rewired as well as try to figure out what goes where and how to fit it in.  Most everyone will be needed to keep guests safe and entertained.  A few shop projects hopefully can be fit into the time as well.


For all Society Members, for all jobs and for all operations we MUST adopt the core principle that… SAFETY IS JOB 1

This is the only way that we will stand chance of being a long-term injury free operation.

Enforcement of the Safety Rules is everyone’s responsibility. Do not be apprehensive about, politely, and professionally, coaching a member when PPEs are not being properly used or if unsafe practices are occurring.

No one comes to a Society operation or activity with the premise that they might be injured that day. The only way the probability of injury can be alleviated is by following all the safety rules, regulations and procedures.

Let’s continue to be a safe and professional operation.