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765 Update – 11/15/2021

By November 17, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


With volunteers all week a lot of small projects got done. Those included getting the cab stairs set up for the Santa Train tours, thanks to Sarah. New volunteer Derek Childs spent a couple of days working on projects including washing the engine, working on the branch rub on the tender and drying out the stoker engine. We also spent time working on tracking down information on the crane issues. Lots of new information but no solutions yet. Jeremy showed up and cleaned out the ash in the firebox and removed most of the arch brick. He also removed a lot of soot based on the blackness of his clothes and neck. Saturday Brody helped with getting the rest of the brick out of the firebox and put onto pallets. He also assisted with finishing the cab stairs. Rich Wolfgang looked at the crane and has talked his brother (mechanic) into coming up and looking at it next Saturday. He also made some progress on the box car. Also, present Bill Otter and family spent much of the day decorating the cabooses. Sunday proved to be a quiet day with my giving some tours and chasing some parts for projects but not much else. Monday was notable for finding a possible snow plowing contractor to keep our parking lots open if we get snow for the Santa Train weekends.



I believe the next weekends will be devoted to cleaning up and arranging the shop for Christmas. There is more cleaning needed on the 765 as well as getting the engine set up for the Christmas visitors.



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