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765 Update -11/10/2021

By November 10, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker

Sorry for getting the post up late today everyone. The holiday season is upon us and busy is the way! Anyhow, on to Steve’s update – Homco


Progress was made on several counts this past weekend.  The engine was hauled out and the ash pan successfully dumped Saturday.  Also finished was tightening and wiring the axle bearing plugs was completed.  We also were able to move the Grove Crane into the shop.  Sunday, the air filter was changed on the crane and the oil drained from the crankcase.  Currently looking for a repair manual for the engine to see what might need to be done. Several tours were conducted over the weekend with some donations coming in. Other projects included the Otter family decorating the cabooses for Christmas and Rich working on box car projects.



Next week we hope to be able to move crane repair along, we will see if we can get a manual so things can be set up correctly.  I would like to get the engine washed so it looks good for the Christmas train.  Possibly we can get the firebox cleaned out and the brick removed so we can start drilling staybolts.



Many if not most accidents are caused by the failure to use common sense.

Here are some common-sense safety rules….

  • Always treat safety as an important part of your job
  • Keep your full attention on what you are doing
  • Know and follow the Society safety rules
  • Always properly use the required protective equipment
  • Remind your coworkers about safety procedures and equipment
  • Pay attention during safety training programs and meetings
  • Know what to do in case of an emergency
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand
  • Don’t fool around on the job
  • Don’t let anger; frustration or personal problems interfere with your work
  • Don’t ignore a safety hazard
  • Don’t become overconfident with jobs you’ve done many times
  • Don’t use equipment in ways that it was not intended
  • Don’t get pressured by others into ignoring safety procedures
  • Don’t take shortcuts on the job
  • Don’t assume safety is someone else’s job. It is everybody’s primary job.

Don’t be afraid to stop a job if there are unsafe conditions