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Project Updates – 9/21/2021

By September 21, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Tom Nitza

We’ve been working on #25 and have had it over the pit. We’ve concluded all of the items on our check list, and here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • Replaced missing step on fireman’s side front
  • Repaired lubrication line for the rear traction motor
  • Replaced missing lubrication line for front traction motor
  • Inspected and lubricated both traction motors and main generators. Not issues were found.
  • Check gear box lube, added to rear gear box.
  • Check all mounting bolts under engine. Several years a go we tightened loose mounting bolts for the front gear box, they have not loosed up since then.
  • Touched up yellow paint on new step and front hand rail which was never painted when modified by the previous owner
  • Adjust brake piston travel. We started with one at 6″ and the other at 9″, a bit excessive. The adjusting mechanisms were frozen and wouldn’t budge. Upon inspection we found out that we could cut an opening in a washer and slip it over the brake rod. This acted as a shim which shortened piston travel. A bit of experimentation reduced the out of range cylinder down to 6″. We also had to replace two pieces of flat steel which were used to transmit the braking force around the gear boxes. The existing pieces were severely bent and one had a crack at one end. Metal Supermarket fabricated the parts and they fit perfectly.
  • Apply a stop to the brake handle to prevent it from overcharging the brake cylinders

Discussion continues on how to handle the front engine — rebuild or replace. The replacement scenario has the benefit of putting in an engine with parts support. But, it brings several challenges, the biggest is figuring out how to bolt the main generator up to the new engine. We could use the existing bell housing if it would bolt up to the new engine, but that’s not likely. Also, we can’t measure the pattern of bolts that mount the bell housing to the engine without removing the main generator. So, quite the dilemma, more research to follow.

John, Dave and Carl participated in these adventures.