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765 Hitting the Road – All Hands On Deck

By August 24, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Time and energy wore out last week, so this update covers the last two weeks. Coal, water, and a bath were given the engine by our volunteers. All was in readiness for the Open House weekend by Thursday night. Other than burned out light bulbs, small leaks, and other easily remedied issues the engine performed well. We fired it up on Thursday and shut it down Sunday. Good crowds were there all three days with over 3,000 in attendance.


Monday Sarah and I hooked up a drain line on the valve oil lubricator and began filling and treating the water in the tank to replace that use over the weekend.



The plan is to finish topping off the coal and water this coming week and through the weekend. The engine will be fired up late on Saturday and moved to the NS interchange on Sunday. The engine will get turned late in the day then head off to Cleveland Monday when the NS can work us in. Lots of help will be needed this coming weekend to get the tool car loaded the coal topped off and the engine fired up. Most of us are some what worn out by the activities this week, but we need your help to get us on the road Monday.


Tuesday we should arrive at CVSR and will run some trips on Thursday and Friday. The engine will be shut down after that with work commencing on Wednesday.



Our black-on-black uniforms and bibs can make it difficult to be seen under low light conditions and especially at night. Rail yards and other locations where we service the engine and passenger cars are notorious for being dark. A significant element in our personal protective equipment toolbox is our high visibility vests. Many of the railroads, including Norfolk Southern, which we operation on make wearing of the vests mandatory when a person is on the ground. Admittedly the vests are not fashionable. Railfan photographers often complain of the crews wearing the vests as do some of our crew members. But the purpose of the vest is strictly safety….YOUR SAFETY.


The point to remember is that you can’t be avoided if you can’t be seen. Wearing the vest is a major step forward in assuring your personal safety under all conditions but especially under low light conditions.