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765 Update -6/2/2020

By June 2, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Nearly everyone took the weekend off so little progress was made on most projects.  Carl and Sarah finished off the UT of #1. Rich, Rich and Tom made some progress on the box car project.



I do not have a specific schedule but work on getting things ready for the fall 765 season needs get moving.  The open house event in mid-August followed by September being on the road is coming up faster than seems possible.


One heads up for those coming from the west is that as of today Dawkins Road at the I-469 bridge is closed.  I don’t have any information on how long this closure will last but using US 30 to Ryan Road or US 24 to Bruick Road is required as of today.



It is reported that based upon John’s Hopkins data base that approximately 50% of the US population has been fully vaccinated, i.e. two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one shot of the J & J vaccine and that fact is playing a critical role in reducing the number of reported COVID-19 cases which currently average approximately 25,000 per day vs 230,000 reported infections in January 2021. The unfortunate news is that the inoculation rate is declining thus making the 70 % inoculation goal necessary to reach Herd Immunity has a way to go. 

The number of people in Ohio age 16 and older who received their initial COVID-19 vaccine jumped 33% in the week after the state announced its million dollar incentive lottery, though an analysis showed vaccination rates lag well behind what they were in March and most of April. Ohio just announced the first two winners of the vaccinate lottery this last week. 

Several restrictions, including mask wearing, have been lifted for those individuals who have been fully vaccinated and are two weeks out from the final vaccination. Those not fully vaccinated must continue to act responsibly and continue mask wearing for their health protection and that of others. 

The CDC and other medical authorities strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated, even those individuals whom have recovered from being infected with the Virus. Even though recovery from being infected with the Virus leaves one with some level of antibodies the level thereof is not known nor is the resistance to the any of the current Variants. Inoculation by one of the current three vaccines provides a known level of protection against COVID-19 and its variants.