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765 Update -5/26/2020

By May 25, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Not much to report on the 765 this week.  There are only a few items that need attention between now and this coming August when we will be firing it up.  Most of that work will end up being done in July and August.  This week’s efforts were concentrated on the box car and property maintenance projects. One project that did get a boost is that cushions for the Wabash caboose seats were delivered Saturday.  You can now sit in comfort.



Hope to work on finding a spot for #1 and crane parts.  Possibly haul some scrap in.



I did not get a message from Al today, but I am sure he would want me to remind you that the COVID virus is still out there, and you can still get it if you are not careful.  This is much less likely if you are vaccinated so take some time and get the vaccine if you have not already done so.


Many, if not most, accidents are caused by the failure to use common sense.

Here are some common sense safety rules…


       Treat safety as an important part of your job

       Keep your full attention on what you are doing

       Know and follow the Society safety rules

       Use all of the required protective equipment

       Remind your coworkers about safety procedures and equipment

       Pay attention during safety training programs and meetings

       Know what to do in case of an emergency

       Ask questions when you don’t understand

       Don’t fool around or show off on the job

       Don’t let anger; frustration or personal problems interfere with your work

       Don’t ignore a safety hazard

       Don’t become overconfident with jobs you’ve done many times

       Don’t use equipment in ways they were not intended

       Don’t get pressured by others into ignoring safety procedures

       Don’t take shortcuts on the job

       Don’t assume safety is someone else’s job