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765 Update -4/28/2020

By April 28, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Date 4-25-2021


A crew including Zach, Chuck and Brody got started with replacing the temporary shim in the trailing truck with a more permanent repair.  The truck was jacked up and the bearing adapter removed along with the temporary shim.  A new piece of AR steel was cut and welded onto the top of the bearing adapter to give the axle clearance from the truck frame.  The bearing adapter was replaced in the truck and the truck frame lowered into place.  All appears to be back to normal. Work to adjust the lateral clearance was also undertaken.  A couple of additional wear plates are being fabricated to adjust that dimension.



Next week I hope to get some tank coating on the spots that were not covered in the general painting of the inside of the tank plus the area of the previously repaired section that was leaking.  Also on tap is the testing of the lubricating system to make sure all the joints are tight and oil is reaching its destination.



Important thoughts to consider from Al Rayner.


Safety Sense Health Safety[S1] [S2] [S3] [S4]


The unwelcome COVID19 and its variants continue to adversely impact the population of the United States and other countries. Progress has been made in vaccinating the population to react at least the 70 %  goal necessary to attain ‘Herd Immunity’. Unfortunately, there are several areas in the US where the number of infected individuals has increased, in some cases dramatically i.e., Michigan and Indiana. Hospitals are seeing younger patients, in the teens to the 50’s, than in previous surges. Health care Officials have noted the Senior Citizen population is not, typically, contributing to the surge which tends to indicate the vaccination program is working.


The Health Care Officials attribute the rise in cases to be an outcome  of….

  • Individuals not being vaccinated due to several factors.
  • Not following the CDC recommendations especially congregating without masks and lack of distancing.

If we are ever to reach Herd Immunity and have a chance of getting back to some degree of normal life everyone must act responsively and follow the CDC guidelines….

  • Wear masks correctly
  • Socially distance
  • Avoid crowds!
  • Get vaccinated!

Keep in mind that the FRA mask wearing mandate is still in effect.


Follow the CDC’s Guidelines else the COVID19 or one of the variants will find you if you let it.