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358 Update – 3/23/2020

By March 23, 2021Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

We’ve been busy getting things done, and everyday puts us one day closer!  Since the last update here’s what we’ve been working on:
  • Begin plumbing in the environmental air box drain tank
  • Landed a few high voltage cables in the cabinet and reverser that were pending
  • Installed TDO relay and wired in
  • Acquired some additional main gen brush holders to replace a couple “stuck” ones.
  • Set the engineer side batteries back in – after an adjustment needed on the battery box
  • Rear class lights re-built and installed, to include the boxes behind them.
  • Drop step latches made and installed
  • Met with sandblaster, receiving quotes for paint prep
Future work includes:
  • Finishing up some circuits from the rear portions of the locomotive (pre-lube pump, class lights)
  • Test fuel pump / squeeze the fuel system for leaks.
  • Finish out the last of the Aux/Main Gen work
  • Prepare for a test roll-over of prime mover
Work blitz being scheduled, plus the team is really buckling down to get things wrapped up…their dedication and work is impressive!
Stay tuned…more to come!
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690‬