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765 Update -3/3/2020

By March 4, 2021Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker



This week I finished off installing two information plates on the side of the tender.  As usual there were some complications, but overall, the installation appears to be successful.  Otherwise, some new refractory was purchased so we can continue making some spare arch brick.


Other projects moved along as well with some repair work being done on the box car and cleaning and maintenance on the NKP caboose.



My plan for the upcoming week is to finish some work  on the box car and the clean up projects.  It appears there is no end in sight for those projects. The 765 work is probably going to be limited to making some arch brick.



The general rules and OSHA guidelines regarding confined space entrance have previously discussed. One aspect of many confined spaces has not been discussed. That aspect is darkness. Not all spaces which qualify as ‘confined’ are dark and thus artificial illumination is not required. However, many confined spaces require artificial illumination for maneuvering around and performing the work at hand.

One must keep in mind that, if lighting is required for to safely enter and perform the work, that that lighting could be lost thus leaving the worker in the dark and unable to safely leave the area when it is as ‘dark as a coal mine at midnight’.

Electrical power to the lighting could be lost for several reasons such as but not limited to….

  • Loss of commercial power to the work location because of weather or other external issues
  • Loss of the electrical circuit which is feeding the lighting being used.
  • Damage to the lighting equipment such as a burned out or bulb.

The safety wise thing to is always have a flashlight in your possession especially when entering a confined space. The current LED flashlights come in many sizes and provide excellent lighting which will illuminate a safe path for exiting the area.


Health Safety


Please, for your health safety and that of others, follow the recommendations/direction of the CDC and the Health Care community and….

  • Practice social distancing.
  • Avoid crowds.
  • Wear the proper face masks when out in the public and in the proximity of nonfamily persons.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Participate in the COVID vaccination program when it is available.