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358 Update – 1/8/2020

By January 8, 2021January 12th, 2021Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Happy New Year!  We’re back to work after a few weeks off for the Holidays, and we kicked off 2021 with a pretty productive day.
  • Phil and Frank tackled the front sandbox, emptying the contents of, saving some, and transferring the rest over to 765.  We did dispose of about 100 Lbs of sand at the bottom of the box that was caked pretty badly.  They continued by cutting the old sand valves off that had rotten sand pipes feeding to them.  The air lines are in good condition.  New valves will be obtained soon.  There is some repair work needed in the box itself, along with running the new pipes (total of 4) down from the box to where the sand valves are, which then switch over to soft hose and to their respective places on the leading truck.
  • Carson completed work on the primary fuel filter, after having cleaned it, and having new gaskets purchased, it has a new filter in it and is ready to go.
  • Carson swapped out the rear headlight bezel, and it looks great!
  • Carson removed the previously installed Class Lights on the rear, after finding a different and better way to mount them, so a small step backwards, but the end result will be better, more secure, and still allow easy access to service them.
  • Samantha worked on cleaning the backside of the long hood doors and hitting them with a coat of primer, and along the edges on the carbody where the doors meet.
  • I worked on the ground and step lights in between my PM duties to make sure everyone had what they needed.  By the end of the day everything was wired up and working from the Gauge and Ground Lights switch on the control stand.
  • Day wrapped up with some planning for future work sessions.  Items on the short list include:  finishing up the rear class lights, mounting the bell, ditch lights, wrapping up the electrical cabinet work, setting the reverser gear, along with a few miscellaneous odds and ends.
  • On Sunday I met with Cory to discuss the air system on the locomotive, having a large copy of the air plans with me for him to study.  We discussed details of how installation of the air system will go and what parts/pieces will be needing.
If you want to volunteer and work on #358, send me an email, call or text me at the contact info below.  We’re always welcoming new folks at the shop, plus we’re a teaching shop, so if you are not sure, or just want to learn on a big old piece of railroad iron…we can get you hooked up!!!
Thank you,
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690‬