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Project Updates – 12/24/2020

By December 24, 2020December 27th, 2020Members Only

Submitted by David DePanicis

We are inching closer to a completed project and that was moved forward this week with a large group working on the car. Throughout the week, Steve got the new walkway treads on the west side roof walk, attached that section of the walkway and permanently fixed the West end ladder. He also spent time painting the window sashes. On Friday, Rich began the process of fitting windows, which was continued on Saturday.

On Saturday, while Rich was working on windows, Many other jobs moved forward. We moved the car a few feet to the West and finished nailing the roof edge and painting the nail heads. Randy Bible of the WAB Historical Society showed up and used his painting skills to help Diane apply a second coat of the exterior paint. Other than using a brush for the fine detail work, this coat was rolled on to achieve a smooth application and to hopefully remedy wet lap areas. While the paint was drying, Jim prepped and painted the cupola Grab irons. These need to be drilled through the roof. Steve and I worked on the East end walkway and will be attaching the new boards during the week.
Grant and I plan to be out to work the Sunday and Monday after Christmas. We will not arrive until noon or shortly after. The plan is to install the East walkway and ladder, clean and scrub all floor surfaces, and paint the floor. I understand that this is a crazy time for everyone so if you can come help, we would love to have you, but if not, we understand.
With items quickly being crossed off of the to-do list, here is what odds and ends need to be done (other than what will be done this upcoming weekend):
– Finish installing windows/frames
– Prep and paint window frames (dark green)
– Cupola windows
– Fabricate long roof walkways
– Lettering
– touch up paint as needed inside and out
– Install cupola roof grab irons
One item that needs to be done that will not be seen by the public is work inside the closets. All of the closets need swept and vacuumed. The closet in the SW corner under the cupola needs a sheet metal lining. I would like to use up the rest of the light green paint to cover the insides of these closets. Just enough to coat them and clean them up.
I want to also take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am so excited to see the car done and being used in 2021.
Hope to see you all soon!!!

David DJ DePanicis

Project Coordinator
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell: 260-466-2766