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Project Updates – 10/8/2020

By October 8, 2020Members Only

Submitted by DJ Depanicis

The car spent the majority of the time outside on display in front of the derail on the north track. The car looked great and garnered much attention from everyone in the society and the public alike. Liz Stephens donated a complete Aladdin lamp with brand new old stock components. Wayne York did much of the communication with her to make this donation possible. She also donated a set of white flags and will be bringing a red and green set at a later date. On Saturday, after the public had left, Tom and Carl tied on to the car and all who were present who worked on the car went out to the NS derail. The car rode very smoothly with no issues and no rocking or racking. This was a great way to celebrate a huge milestone in the car’s progress. Kelly will have official photos at a later date.
Also, Congrats to Rich W. for winning the 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award for his work on this project! Also, congrats to Diane for winning an Extra Board Award for her dedication to painting the interior of the car!! Your work is so greatly appreciated.
Looking ahead, here is a list of items that need to be completed:
– Finish Windows
– Rubber Roof (Thanks to Chuck for donating a roll and a bucket of contact cement)
– Drip edge around sign boards
– Rolled on second coat of exterior paint
– Install ladders
– Install roof walkways
– install chimney and stove pipe
– Install name boards
– Stencil and letter
The goal is going to be to have the car completed and ready for Santa trains. There is much work to be done but, we believe we can accomplish this goal. Also, I would like to have a commemorative plaque made detailing the information of the restoration that can be displayed in the car.
This upcoming weekend I will not be able to be out due to a performance. Rich is also uncertain whether he will be out. The next few weeks may be hit and miss for me due to Saturday playoff football games. I will be in contact with Rich and Steve to see when work will be done. If I am able to come out at all, it will be on Sundays.
Thanks to all who helped make the weekend a success!!

David DJ DePanicis

Project Coordinator
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell: 260-466-2766

PO Box 11017, Fort Wayne, 46855
15808 Edgerton Road, New Haven, Indiana, 46774 | 260-493-0765