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Project Updates – 9/30/2020

By September 30, 2020Members Only

Submitted by Tom Nitza

Yesterday I went to the shop and installed the lid and side louvers on
the Plymouth’s battery box to complete the project. Notice that the side
louvers are stainless steel, pretty fancy. I did notice that the latch
is not exactly vertical. I’ll swear that I measured and did a test fit
before welding things in place. Oh well. The Plymouth is still in the
shop behind the 765 and Steve will use it on Saturday to push the 765
outside to load coal. The Plymouth’s first assignment this year.Work will continue after the Fall Festival. Dave and I scoped out how
we’ll replace the cables leading from the batteries to each starter and
we have a plan. Most of the cabling is original to the locomotive and it
has been taped up in various spots. The places that haven’t been taped
are pretty sketchy. With new cables those electrons will really flow.