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358 Update – 9/25/2020

By September 25, 2020Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Hello everyone, trust all is well:

Pretty productive weekend wrapping up all the little details that will get us to the day we fire up 358.  Still have a punch list of items to do, for just the startup, and after that then we’ll have a fresh list of things to do, such as:  air piping, TM inspections, bell, horn, and ditch lights.
Accomplished this weekend included:
  • Mount for the water manifold was reinstalled by Phil and Cory
  • Cory assembled the water test pitcock valve for the governor
  • Cory also installed a drain valve on the FM side water pump, so that when the locomotive is drained, this can be opened to completely evacuate the water pump.
  • Sam finished up cleaning the main gen
  • Sam and I pulled gasket material from the bottom of the primary filter, and looked up in the old Parts Manual the EMD p/n for the gasket.
  • Cory installed the last temperature sensor/control from the manifold and mounted the control box for it.  – just needs wired in by the electricians.
  • Sam and I installed the light fixtures into the Cab – we have lights!   One was broken out of the bag, so replacement is coming for that one.
  • Rod and Sam continued with wiring and dressing things down.
  • Phil installed a new horn valve and is plumbed up.
  • Carson and Phil installed the front class light fixtures.  Rod and I will work on light sockets and wiring up of them all now.
  • I replaced several copper braided straps on the reverser that will be going back in soon.
  • Began sealing up the hood seams
  • Laid in the cork seal around the AuxGen Hatch, we’ll likely set that hatch next time and have a tight roof again.
  • Cory and I opened the “Ice Cream box” and checked the mesh strainer, all good there.  Then pulled the screen filters and cleaned them thoroughly – replaced and sealed.
Next work session will likely include:
  • Running new cable from AuxGen to the DC blocks
  • Hooking up the Main Gen Pos/Neg shunts
  • Test a few vital circuits
  • Place the hatch on the roof
  • Wire up class lights
  • Mount headlight resistors front/rear and run new cable as needed
  • Finish cleaning out the primary fuel filter, seal up and reassemble.
  • Clean up the wiring for the pre-lube pump.
  • Perhaps fill with water!
  • “Squeeze Test”
One thing that I wish I would have grabbed a photo of or even a video clip was when the 765 crew was moving the steam engine out of the shop to do some work outside.  ALL of the volunteers working on 358 stopped, and most pulled their phones out to take a snapshot, or shoot a clip….even cold and inside the shop, the Berk receives the respect she’s earned.  One thing that we on Project 358 keep in the back of our minds is that, we wouldn’t have had this opportunity to restore 358 back to operating condition, had it not been for the numerous volunteers, members, donors, directors, and those who rode behind the 765 over the course of four decades ahead of us.  Ironically, back in the 50’s it was the diesels who replaced the steam engines, and now quite possibly it’ll be our diesel that may help preserve our steam engine in the future.
Thank you for your time and continued support!
Thank you,
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690‬