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358 Update – 9/11/2020

By September 11, 2020Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Progress on SD9 #358 continues steadily this week.  Smaller crew, and shared resources, but we still got some big ticket items done.
  • Rod has been going through the plans for the entire wiring of the locomotive, marking off each section done as needed.  He’s found a few things more needed to be repaired.  But nothing too serious.  Replacing some old, worn breakers too, making sure that we have good protection for various circuits.
  • On Friday I did some more oil clean up, and replaced absorbent pads with new ones – from the small oil spill during the initial pre-lube
  • Started the battery charger to top off the batteries.
  • Dumped diesel fuel treatment and BioKleen into both sides of the tank evenly.
  • Replaced the one brush we borrowed from the fuel pump
  • Pre-treated the Main Gen with Electra-Sol cleaner
  • Helped Brody with a couple motorcar things.
  • Staged several fuel items, parts and pieces for Saturday’s crew to come in and install
  • Saturday started off with a fuel up of the 358 and Wabash crews at Klemm’s.  (down in the future HWJ District).
  • Quick stop by Patersons for some hardware
  • Phil and I went to work on installing the spin on filter manifold, and the supply and return lines, plus the cross-over lines all for diesel fuel to flow through them.   That system, minus a power up test, is complete and ready to go.   Other than that, we’ll replace the primary filter cartridge prior to start up.
  • Phil replaced a worn brush on the Pre-Lube pump motor
  • Rod did more wiring in the cabinet.
  • Sam cleaned up and painted the back and interiors of the cab ceiling lights.
  • Phil went to work on the water test valve. He had to stop, as his time was running out, but mentioned there would be some heat and beat involved to get the little plug out of the port we need.
  • Sam cleaned and painted the inside of the cab light fixtures, while Rod pulled new wire for both sides.   Plus we’ll be replacing the sockets and bulbs for LED bulbs.
  • Sam started to clean in detail the main gen brushes and field.
  • Rod continued with his stuff
  • I did some “paperwork”  keeping things accounted for, planning next steps, etc. etc. etc.
We hope to have her idling by Autumn Rail Festival, but I can’t make any promises.  Depends on how things go over the next few weekends….we’re close…and get closer every weekend, just need to button a few things up before we can turn the switch.
Thank you for everyone’s continued encouragement and support, it’s great to feel the excitement everyone has for 358 both fellow shop members, and the general public who stop by to visit.  .
Thank you,
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690‬