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Project Updates – 8/18/2020

By September 18, 2020September 21st, 2020Members Only

Submitted by DJ DePanicis

This past weekend saw work continuing on moving forward with details inside and out on the car. Steve continues to work on installing trim on much of the inside. With much of that work completed, the interior is ready for more paint. Rich spent time over the weekend on various different jobs around the car. He let me know that the cupola window framing is done, the T&G roof sheathing has been cut to length, the remaining sheets of plywood have been fastened to the roof and two of the six main window sills are fit and attached to the car. With two weeks left before the open house, we will have a nearly completed car to display!
I plan to be out Saturday and Sunday this upcoming weekend. Diane will be out Thursday thru Sunday to paint. The two of us have been in communication, so she has a fairly clear idea of the process for completing the interior painting. My goal is to paint as much of the exterior of the car as possible. I’m sure Rich will also be out working on window sills and frames and Steve will be working on interior details.
Here is a list of items that need completed. I will break them down by order of what can be accomplished prior to the open house vs. after the open house. Again, these are goals that need to be accomplished, however at a pace that will ensure quality work.
Next two weeks:
– Install Sink
– Install Water tank
– finish interior/exterior trim
– Install main window sills/frames
– cut any overlapping siding on door frames/window frames
– Continue painting interior (light green first, dark green second)
– Paint exterior
– Clean components under car such as trucks etc..
After Open House:
– Rubber roof
– Install Sheet metal around stove area
– Install stove/ stove pipe/ Chimney
– Paint/Stain all floor surfaces
– Install exterior ladders
– Install/build new windows
– purchase material for name boards
– stencil and letter
We will work on as much as we can for the open house. If you plan to attend the open house and have put any time/work into the project, please make sure you find me so we can have you sign a piece of wood that will be installed in the car as a tribute to our efforts. I hope to see you out over the next few weeks or at the open house!

David DJ DePanicis

Project Coordinator
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell: 260-466-2766