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358 Update – 8/27/2020

By August 27, 2020Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Lots has happened over the past week, I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, so here it goes the update on 358 for the past week:
  • Rod continued electric cabinet work, dressing wires and replacing some bad/worn breakers and other switches.
  • Ordered enough diesel treatment and BioKleen to treat the tank of diesel fuel we have on board.   Although many opinions on whether or not it was truly needed, it’s money spent as a precautionary measure and doesn’t hurt either way.  If nothing else it will likely save us on numerous fuel headaches in the short term.
  • Thursday night brought some VIP visitors to the shop from the Headwaters Junction Open House.  Of course everyone wanted to see the 765, but many of those same folks had just as many if not more questions and comments about 358 and what it’s purpose in life would be.  Once explained, many were very enthusiastic and supportive of the effort and thought it would be a beneficial addition to the fleet.
  • Friday was just me at the shop for a short time, but plenty was accomplished even with a bit of a whoopsie. Work consisted of rough wiring of the prelube pump for electricity.  Accomplished that in pretty short order, Then opened all the valve covers and found some loose debris in both sides, so a quick run through with the shop-vac solved that issue.  Opened some hand holes around the block, and began the prelube pump.  Everything wea working great, oil was moving., could see it dripping down from the mains, and eventually to the top rack.  Feeling pretty good, I took some pictures and video, and then walked around the block again, then I heard the worst sound I could have expected.  The sound of running oil.  Sure enough blowing out the top of the back of the block between the blowers.  Landing in the subfloor and sump under the main generator finding  a drain hole that dumped over the two main reservoirs.  Fortunately I had purchased  oil absorbent pads earlier in the week in anticipation of this process.  I estimate no more than 3-4 gallons hit the ground.   When 358 moves out, I’ll get the floor better remediated.  The good news is, prelube successful, bad news we had an unexpected exit port.
  • Saturday brought a big crew into the shop for 358, lots of things happened all at once.
  • Started with replacing soaked oil pads with fresh ones.   Found an oil pan to drain the sump of the remaining oil, about 2-3 gallons more .
  • Phil arrived and went immediately to work on the pipe connection that caused the oil mishap.
  • We opened all the inspection ports, to allow easy spinning of the block.
  • Mitch arrived and went right to work on hooking up the AuxGen.
  • After a bit of trouble with the prelube pump, which was a worn out brush, we borrowed one from the fuel pump on the other side.   New sets for both coming soon.  Fired up the prelube pump again, broke for lunch and then returned to bar the entire engine block over.   A bit tight at the beginning, to be expected, but after 3 or 4 full revolutions, the block wanted to keep spinning.
  • While barring over the engine, Mitch checked the alignment of the AuxGen, we were nearly dead on perfect from the initial set from a couple weeks ago.  Inserted a couple shims and tightened everything down…ready to rock!
  • Brandon and Frank took on the sun shades for both sides, and installed the one wind deflector / mirror wwe have.
  • Rod the whole time hung upside down in the cabinet repairing burnt wires at the bottom of the cabinet….Mitch assisted later in the afternoon with that as well.
  • Pulled the brush holders from the AuxGen and Phil sandblasted them to clean and reinstaled.   new brushes to be installed soon.
  • Main Gen brush holders looked at, most are free, one needs replaced….Mitch has one he’ll send to us to replace.
Whew!   I hope I didn’t forget anything….it was a whirlwind of activity again.   We are several big steps closer to that fire up.  Don’t blink now…you might miss something!!!
Thank you to all who volunteer their time and skills on the locomotive, and to those who support us with monetary, parts, and in-kind materials…..all very much appreciated.
Thank you,
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690‬