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358 Update – 7/31/2020

By July 31, 2020Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

The past weekend saw:

  • Frank got the roof cover sealed up and bolted down over the electrical cabinet\
  • W.D. got the Engineer side walkway prepped and POR15 applied ready for Carson to lay in steel.
  • Carson cut and prepped treadway, with help from a forklift and operator got the  piece set and began welding in.
  • Samantha cleared out the area where the auxgen will be mounted, moved air ducts and a bunch of other miscellaneous items out of the way.
  • Samantha sandblasted the two mounts for the auxgen
  • Frank and Samantha unbolted and removed the roof cover for the AuxGen hatch in preparation of next weekends lift of the  AuxGen.
  • Samantha worked on replacing bad door latches with ones we secured from Progress Rail in Mayfield.
  • Cory  worked on building a pre-lube pump assembly, started with the mount for the pump
  • W.D. wrapped HV tape around a few spots on the TM cable where voltage had either leaked through, or in the case of one spot the outer layer became overwhelmed with external heat from a torch.
  • Frank worked on the FM rear sliding cab window a bit, was able to loosen it some, but fears that the window tracks both need to come out and rust cleared behind them both.
  • Met with Jon Jaros and discussed changing the location of the air dryer.  The 358 team was going for “historically correct” first, by mounting the air dryer inside the long hood.  However after some discussion and understanding better how this particular air dryer works, there is strong reconsideration on the location for the air dryer.  It may end up under the frame behind the fuel tank on the engineer’s side.  We’ll relocate the bell to the FM side behind the fuel tank.  Moving the dryer to the outside will allow it to cool better, and in the end function better.
  • Other planning for air system piping was discussed as well.  That work will likely commence in August.
If all goes well for next weekend, July 31/August 1; we’ll be lifting the AuxGen up onto the locomotive and getting it bolted in.
Work list will be updated during the week and sent out / posted later this week.
Any questions, or if you want to come out to work on something specific, please give me a call / text or email.
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690‬

Samantha replacing door latches