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765 Update – 7/29/2020

By July 29, 2020Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


I spent most of the week getting ready for they Hydrostatic Test of the 765.  I began filling the boiler with water on Tuesday as well as doing some maintenance on Society Equipment. Wednesday and Thursday followed suit.  Friday morning saw Zach, Chuck and Brody putting on the steam dome, topping off the water and pressurizing the boiler to detect any leaks.  Zach hammered on some of the stay bolts that were seeping and stopped up the leaks while the rest of us closed valves and tightened loose fittings on the outside of the boiler.  All went well.  Jim Arris tested all the gauges to be sure they read correctly. They do.  Other work proceeded on the Wabash caboose and the SD9. Saturday saw the dust that had accumulated on the engine removed with Brody, Craig and others taking a hand in washing the locomotive. Later some of the piping that had been removed to make room to work on side sheet bolts was reinstalled. Zach, Jon, and Matt worked on getting a broken spring out of the bay window caboose truck Saturday morning. Sunday, Brody cleaned up the springs removed from the bay window caboose, they will go out for some cost estimates this coming week. Zach finished up some miscellaneous welding while Matt finished up installing the newly tested gauges.



Tomorrow we will be doing the hydrostatic test of the locomotive, followed by a interior inspection of the boiler Tuesday.  Attention will be refocused on the tender following the hydrostatic test as well as working on any problems that might show up during the test.



Indiana’s Governor issued a face covering order that goes into effect Monday.  Basically, face coverings are required in indoor situations and wherever  a 6 foot spacing is not reliably possible. Once again, the Societies Shop opening policy follows.


COVID-19 Plan of Action

  1. All building occupants are expected wear a mask and provide their own face protection when 6 foot spacings are not reliably possible.(some masks are available at the shop)
  2. A pre-job briefing will be held each morning on how to limit the spread of the Corona virus. (printed sheets may be found on the counter by the refrigerator)
  3. Specific emphasis on 6’ social / physical distancing (where possible)
  4. Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and practice good personal hygiene habits.(soap and water provided)
  5. The Society will provide disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in the shop.(also located on the counter by the sink)
  6. We are encouraging volunteers to stay home if they are sick. Must be fever free (less than 100.4 degrees) for 24 hours without medication before coming to the shop or other Society functions.(actually, we are insisting you not show up if sick, period)
  7. The shop will remain closed to public visitors. The shop is open to visitors with face coverings.

Further we are constantly monitoring the CDC and the State of Indiana for updates regarding preventative measures to communicate to our volunteers.

We continue to ask everyone to do their part. The best line of defense for protecting your health,  and the health of those around you, is to practice good personal hygiene.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we all strive to keep our employees and  communities safe and healthy. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed as we move forward.

 FWRHS Board of Directors