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765 Update – 2/26/2020

By February 26, 2020March 2nd, 2020Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Much has happened on the 765, due to a small group of dedicated volunteers this week. Thanks to Tim, Sarah, and Jim much needle scaling was accomplished over the week, Wednesday through Friday. Tim did a bit more on Saturday before the needle scaler malfunctioned. That issue was corrected in a short time and the scaler is back in action. Zack worked on cleaning up the injector doing a good job on getting accumulated dirt and scale off in preparation for inspecting it and lapping valves and repacking the stuffing boxes as needed.


The Wabash caboose is coming along as well with Rich making good progress on the end beams which are now cut to length and the east end beam is mounted. Jeremy, Sarah and Joe all spent time working on removing paint from the metal fixtures on the caboose. The parts were cleaned then primed. As the caboose is ready for them, they will be mounted on the car and finish painted once we are closer to the final assembly.



Work on completing the tender scaling is still the main effort.  It takes several people to do this safely, so we need at least 2 and possibly 3 people for an extended period to get it done.  Brody says he will work on the tank next weekend.  We need a few others to keep at the work moving.  Significant progress was made the past week we need to keep up the effort..



Two of the most intricately designed instruments that we work with each day are our hands. We probably couldn’t use any other device that could take the beatings our hands take and continue to perform precision maneuvers that are expected.


Like most things of marvel, we have come to take our hands for granted, except when we get our finger pinched in a door or touch something very hot, or perhaps receive a minor or major cut or scrape. Then we remember that our hands are present and that they are sensitive. Unfortunately, we forget this experience and start taking them for granted again.


A good thing to always keep in mind is that your hands are fearless. They’ll go anyplace they’re sent, and they’ll act only as wisely, or foolishly, as the person to which they belong.


In all cases protect your hands by wearing the proper gloves and use safety sense before performing a task. Remember that wearing proper PPE still does not make you and your hands immortal.