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358 Update – 1/29/2020

By January 29, 2020Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Last weekend brought several volunteers out over the weekend, Friday night I was there setting up parts and tools for the others to use the rest of the weekend.  Plus brought over a larger print of the schematic.  I also setup a PC for the project members to search parts, or to look at any of the prints and manuals we have in the Google Drive.

Saturday, Zach T., Joe N., Austin worked on various items about the locomotive, to include electrical cabinet cleaning, and fixing circuits, to prepping the control stand, and working on ground lights under the sill.

Sunday was the busier day, with Brandon, Cory, Rod, and Andrew, plus Joe N. all working again.  Brandon finished up some detail work on the cab, Cory mocked up the cooling system piping at the front of the diesel prime mover, I believe Joe did more work in the cabinet, Rod and Andrew prepped TM cable and color coded the cable for quick and organized reassembly.

Sorry if I missed anyone who worked on 358 this last weekend.   Also, be sure to log your hours!

For this weekend, new cable has arrived here the house for the fan power and controls, I’m chasing down the lugs and splices to see if they’ll get here by the weekend.  I’ve secured a 12-ton hydraulic crimper as well, borrowed from a buddy of mine.  If all the parts are here, we’ll start TM repairs.   Carson will likely work on the repair of the rear blower duct, and the roof of the short hood, and whoever else comes out, we’ll find you something to do.

Items big and small continue to get crossed off the list each weekend!!!

If you plan to come out this weekend, shoot me a message and let me know so I can plan and move things around as needed.

Thanks to everyone who works on, gives us words of encouragement, or just generally supports our restoration efforts!


WD Miller

Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690

PO Box 11017, Fort Wayne, 46855
15808 Edgerton Road, New Haven, Indiana, 46774 | 260-493-0765

WD Miller

Project Manager, Project 358

Tim applies POR-15 to 358

Carson welds the walkway tread.