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358 Update – 1/12/2020

By January 12, 2020Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

More progress done again this weekend on the SD9, here’s the run down:

  • Friday:  Rod pulled TM cables off the FM side of the reverser gear
  • Friday:  Rod pulled the Positive Gen Bus cable, there is a lug that connects the section from the generator to the bus, and this is where the break in the connection was made, the bolts holding this together were completely dusted.
  • Friday:  Rod began pulling TM cable out of the sill box, this work continued on Saturday.
  • Friday:  W.D. assembled two carts for tools/parts while working on the SD9, plus a cart for his Plasma cutter was assembled.  (he retains ownership of these, just being used during Project 358)
  • Saturday: Rod continued pulling TM cable out of the sill box
  • Saturday: Rod removed the air duct from in front of the generator so we can fully service the generator
  • Saturday: Andrew/Rod worked on fan control box and power (discovered power cable for main fan power are bad, and will likely need replaced.
  • Saturday:  Rod pulled the 6 TM cables out from FM side of reverser and under the front TM air duct
  • Saturday: Andrew finished up the rewire of the resistor panel, moved the headlight resistors from that area, and will be relocated in the electrical cabinet for easier access and servicing.
  • Saturday:  John Keller showed up and offered to help, he picked up a shop vac and cleaned out the engineer sill box after the TM cables were partially removed.
  • Saturday:  Brody swept out the back electrical cabinet of dirt/rust.
  • Saurday:  Brody began working on the doors, along LH sanding and priming the backs and contact areas.
  • Saturday:  Brandon finished up the welding around the FM cab side, Looks Great!
  • Saturday:  Carson finished the welding the FM side of walkway, looks great!
  • Saturday:  Carson moved the flag holder to the front corners as depicted in photos of the 358 (either EMD or NKP wasn’t real consistent with where they mounted the flag holders.  Some were on the corners of the short hood, while others were back on the side.  )
  • Saturday:   Carson straightened up a couple of the stanchions on the FM side that looked like they had been involved in a side-swipe accident.
Rod is working this Sunday as well, I have not heard from him yet on his progress for today.
Next weekend;
  1. Someone can needle scale on the back side of the Engineer sill box where the TM cables have been moved out, sweep up, and treat with POR-15.
  2. Work will continue on the fan control box, and other elecrical items.
  3. Someone can work on the control station, to remove the old horn control valve, save old valve…might need that for core.
  4. Sand / Prime backside of the doors on the long hood and sill and where the door makes contact / prime both surfaces
  5. Clean out sub-floor area at rear blower duct of all dirt/rust. Careful not to damage wires
  6. Someone can look at making:  Build the wood stand-off / spacers for traction motor cable
  7. Plus these:    Build the wood stand-off / spacers for the air lines in engineer sill box. 
  8. Carson will likely continue to work on some fab projects, to include starting on the Engneer side walk way.
  9. Sand / Prime backside of the doors on the long hood and sill and where the door makes contact / prime both surfaces
If you’re coming out this coming weekend, let me know and I’ll make sure we have the tools and materials to do what needs done.  Or if there’s something specific you want to tackle, let me know.
Thanks to all who have helped, we are really moving forward on progress now.
Oh, be sure to log your volunteer hours either in the book at the shop, or on line at:
Plus I’ve printed the work list out and is hanging on the engineer side of the locomotive, I’ll try my best to remember to update this everyweekend.
WD Miller
Project Manager, Project 358
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Cell:  419-303-2690

PO Box 11017, Fort Wayne, 46855
15808 Edgerton Road, New Haven, Indiana, 46774 | 260-493-0765

WD Miller

Project Manager, Project 358

Tim applies POR-15 to 358

Carson welds the walkway tread.