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765 Update – 1/22/2020

By January 22, 2020Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Monday and Tuesday were somewhat short days due to personal projects, but some shop organization was accomplished to clear the way for more ambitious projects later in the week. Wednesday was not a stellar day either though some shop work and 765 cleaning was accomplished. Thursday was a duplicate of Wednesday. Friday, however, was a bit better with Rich B adding some interior sides to the box car. Rich W finishing up the framing on the south side of the caboose cupola, adding the last rafter and scoping out the repairs needed on the end wall. I ground staybolt heads off some we are going to replace.  Jeremy L got some quality needle scaling time in. I also had the chance to freeze while unloading cement barricades from a trailer.  These are to be installed around our ditch crossing.  In the meantime, look out for them as you come in the parking lot.  They are not in the way but since they are new, they could be missed if you are driving from memory. Saturday, much was done with Tyler and Broady needle gunning rust in the tender several people polishing side rods, Austin and Jeff loosened the last water line on the injector. Work was accomplished on # 1’s tender. Rivets were cut off and drilled with some removed from the castings.  Others still need a bit of hammering.  Sunday was cold and miserable outside. Apparently, no one was interested in venturing out so I spent the day on my own writing this report and picking up some supplies from Do-It-Best (my favorite store). Oh – even though plans have once again changed and Jerrad may be rebuilding #1’s coupler mounting frame rather than welding it up I drove a few more rivets out of the piece just for fun,



In case anyone has the day off and wants to undertake some projects I plan to be out tomorrow.  Not sure when I will get out to the shop as with days when I don’t expect company, I am usually slow. Otherwise no one is scheduled to be out Tuesday and Wednesday of this week but will start with a fresh head of steam on Thursday. Painting in the coal bunker, drilling some stay bolts and that ever popular needle gunning the inside of the tender project will be on tap for the coming week. Per the following safety message, the area is being ventilated with outside filtered forced air on a continuing basis. Dust and debris are issues so dust masks and eye protection are advised.



According to OSHA, there are three characteristics of confined spaces:

  • It is big enough for a person to fit his or her entire body.
  • It is restrictive for the person when he or she is entering and exiting.
  • The space is not meant for someone to stay in for a long period of time.

The tender water space, engine firebox and boiler steam space meet the characteristic of a confined space.


There are many rules associated with entering a confined space but perhaps the Golden Rule of them all is Check and Monitor the atmosphere before entering. Failure to do such can became deadly.


OSHA has very specific rules for confined space entry and work. In general, they can be outlined as the following….

  • Monitor the atmosphere
  • Ventilate the space
  • Eliminate or control hazards
  • Use proper personal protective equipment
  • Isolate the space
  • Have a trained attendant standing by on the outside of the confined space
  • Be prepared for rescues
  • Plan for emergencies
  • Emphasize constant communication with a person on the outside of the confined space


It’s critical that we follow all the procedures put in place to ensure each of us goes home after the work is done.