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765 Update – 1/1/2020

By January 1, 2020Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Sarah and I started the week out right by deep sixing all the Christmas decorations and miscellaneous refuse.  Getting the shop back in order so we can get back to working on projects. Once the Christmas stuff was corralled, we spent time on completing the missing “L” bracket for the Wabash Caboose and successfully completed that task.  Possibly tomorrow we can install the brackets on the west end.  We also spent some time putting handles on a few tools that had been broken in the past.

Christmas Eve saw the application of one of the “L” brackets and considerable work to make the other fit.  For some reason the hole in the end beam comes out behind the side sill and we had to do a lot of carving to make it fit.

No one was too ambitions Christmas day.  I warmed up a chair around 3 but could not get any motivation to do much else.

Thursday Carl and I did some ultrasound work in the firebox.  Both side sheets are done, and we have a start on the crown sheet.  The crown, door sheet, cap and throat sheet are all that is left to do. I also continued work on the “L” bracket and successfully got it in place. Spent time  polishing a brass surround for the cab badge plate.

Friday Rich W. came out and cut and installed rafters on the Wabash Caboose.  I spent the day polishing and attempting to install the brass trim ring around the back-head badge plate.  I was not entirely successful but with some reaming of mounting holes it should be possible to get it in place.

Saturday, we spent the day getting coal out of the 765 tender and moving equipment to get at the shop trucks to use under # 1’s tender.  Some shop rearrangement was done as well.  Work continued on the Wabash caboose mostly in the line of removing more parts that need to be fixed or replaced. FYI the main car body frame is mostly in place outside of some structural members underneath.

Sunday dawned rainy. I spent much of the day looking for prints for the tender truck bearing conversions without success. DJ, Rob, and Sarah worked on the Wabash caboose with more destruction occurring. DJ was heard as he rode out of site: we did not add much new wood this weekend, but we have a good idea of how to proceed.  Bill Otter and family cleaned out the cabooses of Christmas decorations. A bit of cleaning and writing this missive took up the rest of the day.


Next week we are working on clearing a spot for the new generator.  We need to find a home for the Christmas decorations and pack them up. I intend to start some of the projects needed on 765’s winter maintenance. Cleaning in the tender, marking the staybolts to remove and other small projects are on tap.


Let’s all strive to make 2020 and Season the Happiest and Safest season and year of all.

Season’s greetings to All and best wishes for a Safe and prosperous New Year