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765 Update – 12/4/2019

By December 4, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Wednesday was spent putting in window headers into the caboose and planning rafters. Some cleaning and painting around the 765 was accomplished as well. Thursday Sarah did some more clean up while the rest of us ate. Friday saw some reorganizing of the shop and Sarah and I cut off some additional belt pieces to use as flange-way covers. Saturday was more organization of the shop was spent organizing the shop for the Santa train event.  Some stay bolt tell-tale hole drilling was done by Austin and Sam.  Rob installed 4 tension rods in the Wabash caboose and has one ready for a rod when we get a rod.  That leaves the three Corner Rods to go. Sarah and I spent some time getting down Christmas stuff to finish off the evening. Kelly is threatening to do some decorating of the shop on Sunday.  I plan to be out of town until Wednesday when I will try to get everything moved around to a finished position.



The plan for the next three weekends is to run the Santa Train.  If time and personal permit, we can get a few more projects done on the 765.  That is as far as my plan goes currently, I do intend to keep Fridays as a workday on the 765 but the efforts will be limited due to the Santa event set up



The Santa Train Operation is in full swing for this and for the next three weekends. Curious, and sometimes distracted, visitors of all ages and capabilities will be in abundance. During these operations, our safety responsibilities expand to protecting that of our visitors as well as our own. The weather, with potential snowfall, adds to the atmosphere as can the evening darkness. But these ‘atmosphere enhancers’ bring additional opportunities for slips, trip’s and falls.


Please be very focused on the safety of all our visitors in addition to that of yourself and all other Society members.


Following all safety rules, using common sense and assisting our visitors as needed, will assure that our operations will be completed without any injuries or other situations and that is our achievable goal, but it can’t be accomplished without your help.