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765 Update – 12/25/2019

By December 25, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Monday was spent cleaning up after Sunday’s trips.  Some additional work was finished up on the Wabash caboose.  Tuesday was a travel day for me.  Society wise, I dropped off some boxes and CD’s at Mr. Muffins that had been laying around the shop.  Sarah did some straightening and cleaning of the shop.  Wednesday we again worked on the Wabash caboose getting new metal brackets installed around the lower corners of the caboose with and tightening up the tension rods on the corners. Tim finished installing a “L” fastener under the caboose. Thursday, I filled in some missing wood and installed one additional “L” shaped fastener that holds the end beam to the sill. One more of those is ready to go and Sarah says she can manufacture the missing one. Friday, Tim and I finished up the “L” bracket it will be bent into shape Monday.  Saturday and Sunday were fully occupied by the Santa Train which came off with no major issues.


If you are wondering why more is not happening to the 765, the reason is most of the needed work is likely to raise dust and cause dirt to settle on souvenirs and other surfaces. Hopefully those will be gone this week and we can get a start on tender scaling and painting.



The  tender scaling and recoating will be upcoming.  More work is needed on the Wabash Caboose, and some putting away of Christmas decorations will also commence. Work will begin in earnest on the 765’s annual inspection commencing tomorrow.  I will not be out Christmas day but expect to be here most of the rest of the week



Need a last-minute gift idea for family or friends? Nothing could be more special than to say happy holidays by giving a gift of safety that just might save their life or prevent personal injury. Here are some gift ideas….

·                   Number one is a weather alert radio which is extremely useful all year around

·                   A quality fire extinguisher

·                   A first-aid kit

·                   A bicycle helmet

·                   A bicycle headlight and flashing taillight

·                   An automobile safety kit including jumper cables, flares, fix-a-flat, reflectors

·                   A flashlight and batteries or light sticks

·                   A personal LED headlight with a headband

·                   Safety sunglasses to be used when weed whacking, lawn mowing, leaf blowing and other outside activities

·                   Hearing protection to be used when lawn mowing and other loud activities

Many of these items we don’t think about until we NEED them or it’s too late. Consider giving the gift of safety this holiday season. 

Most importantly have a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season