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765 Update – 12/18/2019

By December 18, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


With the Santa Trains on Saturday and Sunday most of the work is being done over the week.  On Monday Sarah and I switched the flat car back to the shop area after a late start.  Tim did some cleaning in the 141 making it ready for next week. We also arranged for a trash pickup and delivery of fuel.


On Tuesday I worked on reports, followed by  Sarah, Tim and myself topping off the bearing boxes on the engine truck and drive axles. Tim took some time and cleaned up the bay window caboose as well.  We also took time to figure out the bell issues and were able to make it work satisfactorily. We are missing a piece on the regulator that we replaced with a fine threaded bolt, it works but may need a more permanent fix at some time in the future. There is likely to be a part lying along the tracks.  If by some miracle you see it, please bring it in.


Wednesday saw Sarah and I working on the caboose and fitting in one more tension rod.  We also worked on filling the fuel tanks on the diesel locomotives and did other work around the shop.


Thursday, we put in another tension rod on the north east corner of the caboose, at least one more to go, and made one additional rod.  Fuel was put in 701, more on the way. Carl came by and helped with the caboose after which we removed the steam dome covers on #1 to make surveying for thickness a possibility on the dome and in the firebox.


Friday Rich showed up and put the girts on the Wabash Caboose and we put two new tension rods in place. We also worked on corner braces and other items. 



Still odd jobs on the caboose and cleaning up for the Santa Train are needed.  I should be out Wednesday, through Sunday. Once again, the main event is the last weekend of the Santa Train.  If Sarah and I run out of caboose projects we may start on scaling the inside of the tender as needed. 



More than 12,000 people are treated in the nation’s emergency rooms each year due to falls, cuts, electrical shocks and burns from faulty holiday decorations or accidents that occur while putting decorations up. 


The holiday season is a hectic time for all of us, filled with activities and errands, and many people pay less attention to safety and end up in the emergency department. The nation’s emergency physicians urge people to take a little extra time and care as they go about enjoying the holidays and all activities that occur during that time. 


Safety is not just a work thing . . . it’s a living thing!! During the holiday season with all the stress, tight schedules, crowds, extra work etc, take extra caution and STOP . . . take 5 minutes for safety and think about the activities you’ll be doing. Think about the possible risks of what you’re doing . . . whether it’s your regular job, hanging up Christmas decorations or participating in the Societies’ Santa Train operations . . . everyone must be vigilant to ensure we and out visitors are around for the holiday celebration.