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765 Update – 12/11/2019

By December 11, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Friday saw some last-minute work on getting the shop ready for the Santa Train.  Rich W finished putting in a tensioning rod completing the south side of the caboose and leaving a couple to go to go in the corners and one or two left on the north side to finish up that part of the project.  The headers over the windows were screwed in. Sarah cleaned and painted some areas while Tom and Rich B put up safety tape outside.  We made way for the coffee truck and switched out the flat car so it could be loaded with some ties.


The ties were loaded on Saturday and the Santa Trains ran successfully.  Quite a few folks were out and visited the cab of the 765 as well as riding with Santa. We were able to sell around $260 worth of caboose siding boards over the weekend to support the Wabash Caboose restoration. Various other donations were received for other projects as well.  All in all a successful weekend with no injuries.



More of the same next week.  During the week we may make some progress on 765 issues.



The holiday season is a hectic time for all of us, filled with activities and errands, and many people pay less attention to safety and end up in the emergency department,” said Dr Brian Keaton, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. “The nation’s emergency physicians urge people to take a little extra time and care as they go about enjoying the holidays.”

Safety is not just a work thing . . . it’s a living thing!! During the holiday season with all the stress, tight schedules, crowds, extra work etc, take extra caution and STOP . . . take 5 minutes for safety and think about the activities you’ll be doing. Think about the possible risks of what you’re doing . . . whether it’s your regular job, volunteer job or just hanging up Christmas decorations . . . be vigilant to ensure we’re around for the holiday celebration and the new year.